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Hastings vs Folkestone, DH needs to commute, which would you chose...

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SarfEasticatedMumma Tue 08-Sep-15 22:23:58

DH will need to commute to work at Vauxhall, I will work locally. DD is nearly 8. I like Hastings, I find it interesting, quirky with lots of nice countryside around and art galleries too - plus the lovely Alexandra Park. Commuting time is 1hr 40 mins. Folkestone is near where I grew up, so am a bit put off by teenage memories, but better to commute to the smoke at 55 mins.
There are plans for a high speed rail link to Hastings but it's not a done deal and won't be for ages.
We have a budget of about ??360k

Jasper15 Sat 12-Sep-15 07:38:36

I would not move to either. Hastiings is a dump even with all the recent regeneration boosts it has had it is still the 20th poorest town in the UK.
Folkstone sounds better especially if you want to spend your hols in France.
What about Ashford? It is up and coming.
Tunbridge Wells is the best as the schools are really good . I believe they still have the old Grammar schools and it is an easy commute
It is pricey though

OnePlanOnHouzz Sat 12-Sep-15 20:35:20

Saltwood is lovely, with good primary and secondary school within walking distance and sandling station is on train route ( Ashford side of Folkestone ) beautiful countryside and close to Hythe for beaches etc - would get my vote over Folkestone ( but I'm no familiar with Hastings !) If you can find a property within budget ....

SarfEasticatedMumma Sun 13-Sep-15 08:19:48

I have found a nice house in Sandgate onepluss but not much has come up in Saltwood. DH will need to get to London every day so will need to be within walking/cycling distance to Folkestone (West?) station.
Is Sandgate nice? I see there is a barracks there, does that lead to trouble in the pubs at weekends? (That used to be the case when I lived in Rochester)...

Artandco Sun 13-Sep-15 08:25:28

What about whitstable? 1 hr 20mins direct to Victoria. On coast, lots of second London homes so high regeneration

GudrunBrangwen Sun 13-Sep-15 08:47:43

I don't know Hastings but if you like it I would go for it.

Folkestone is an odd place. Extremely run down in places but also there are some gorgeous houses and the art quarter is making ground I hear (I have a couple of friends living there who love it)

There is also stuff for children to do, it's cheap to buy large houses...not sure about Sandgate etc, others will know more.

Look at Kingsnorth Ave? and anything West End...not town centre...and yes Hythe is lovely. I love Hythe. Not sure if it is on the railway route you want though.

SarfEasticatedMumma Sun 13-Sep-15 08:48:26

I grew up not far from Whitstable so would rather not go back there really. I like the idea of a fresh start somewhere new and undiscovered!

GudrunBrangwen Sun 13-Sep-15 08:52:09

Whitstable is very nice but very poncy IMO and very very £££

Ashford is grim (sorry) it's modern and sprawling with loads of enormous new roads and housing estates but it has no soul.

Herne Bay is a dive (but also has loads of cheap, lovely houses and some nice streets though - and beautiful coast, once you get past the amusements shite)

Margate is supposed to be on the up but it's so far below zero that it'll be centuries before it breaks even...

Ramsgate also extremely poor centrally, but has nice bits too (cliffs - east and west - and Pegwell)

Broadstairs is wonderful.

Canterbury is overpopulated and cheerful but again £££, and living away from noisy students is almost impossible.

XCChamps Sun 13-Sep-15 08:54:25

Give a choice I wouldmt move my family to any coastal town in se
They all have horrible social problems

SarfEasticatedMumma Sun 13-Sep-15 09:43:38

Maybe we can look at Hythe and DH can cycle a bit further to the station!
As for the social problems of seaside towns, we live in run down SE London so have quite a few social problems already. At least we will be by the sea!
I grew up on Planet Thanet so not keen to return really.

sleepyelectricsheep Sun 13-Sep-15 09:47:44

Have you considered Eastbourne? 1 hour 30 to Victoria. A choice of excellent primaries, and a really nice place to bring kids up. On the Downs and the sea. Nice parks and lots of stuff to do with DC.
Lots of families with young DC moving to EB, people generally friendly IME.

Nice housing stock, and you'll get something really nice for £360k.

Just over 20 minutes to Hastings so you can still visit and enjoy visiting for the arty, Boho vibe. Also 30 - 40 minutes to Brighton by train, for fantastic shops, arts & culture and many more job opportunities.

We considered Hastings as we loved the vibe there too. The conclusion we came to was as adults that's possibly where we'd live (being unable to afford anything decent in Brighton!) But as a family with young DC the deprivation and social problems were more of an issue. I grew up somewhere "arty" but with social issues and it's not what I want for my own DC. Plus Hastings always gets the dubious acolade of being in the top 10 UK towns for teenage pregnancy, which is a bit of a worry, and most importantly - on paper at least - the primaries didn't look great. Which was the deciding factor for us.

It was a few years we looked though so perhaps the schools have improved? Also we didn't look at religious schools at all - perhaps there are some excellent schools there I know nothing about.

Artandco Sun 13-Sep-15 09:55:14

Not coastal, but look at Guildford. 42mins to Victoria. And can still buy somewhere on that price

SarfEasticatedMumma Sun 13-Sep-15 09:56:51

Yes the schools in Hastings did worry me a bit, but lots of people say good things about them. I would have ideally lived in Pett just outside Hastings than in the centre. I like Eastbourne, but not sure if 1.30hrs will be too much for DH. He might be swayed by the second hand nice bookshop and the Towner though... I will add that to my areas for consideration!

sleepyelectricsheep Sun 13-Sep-15 09:58:21

This for example backs on to National Trust woodland which leads up onto the South Downs (via a gate at the bottom of the garden).

sleepyelectricsheep Sun 13-Sep-15 09:59:21

Pett is lovely. I know nothing about living there but they have a great campsite! (Freshwinds)

sleepyelectricsheep Sun 13-Sep-15 10:01:06

The commute is significant from Eastbourne, yes. DP did it for a year and we found it tough.

But isn't it the same from Hastings or have I got that wrong?

SarfEasticatedMumma Sun 13-Sep-15 16:03:28

lovely house *slee

SarfEasticatedMumma Sun 13-Sep-15 16:07:12

eepy judging by all the books It's like my DH has moved in already! As for commuting times - there is the hope that there may be a high speed service from Hastings one day...

Thanks for your help though grin

Allbymyselfagain Mon 14-Sep-15 08:13:30

ENtertainmentAppreciated Mon 14-Sep-15 12:08:01

How about tracking villages along the train lines?
If you like old and a bit quirky this is charming

Or, complete contrast very modern and four bedrooms

One problem with the high speed lines is how the season ticket price inflates.
That's something to take into consideration when budgeting.

SarfEasticatedMumma Mon 14-Sep-15 20:17:41

Thank you allbymyself I had seen that bungalow, but the thought of being so close to the cliff edge made me feel a bit queasy [green]

Those two houses entertainment are fab, especially the first one. I saw this on righmove today which caught my eye, just need to see the floorplan to work out where all the bedrooms are. Seems to be on a nice road...

SarfEasticatedMumma Mon 14-Sep-15 21:16:38

I'm a bit surprised by the lack of outstanding schools in the area, one in Sandgate and one religious one (whose name I can't pronounce). Do any of you have any insider info on which schools I should be hoping for. I guess as we will be starting in year 3 we may not get much choice in the matter... Any thoughts?

MrsBarlow Mon 14-Sep-15 23:56:50

I can recommend Hythe - we're in the process of buying a house there and spent ages thinking about where along the coast to move to. It's a lovely town, lots going

m0therofdragons Tue 15-Sep-15 00:02:49

Hythe and Sandgate are nice and you have the grammar schools. I would be concerned if dc not likely to get into grammar as others are not great - although I'm basing that on very old info.
Sandgate primary was very sort after a few years ago with a good catchment area. Avoid Hawkinge and east end of Folkestone.

SarfEasticatedMumma Tue 15-Sep-15 05:52:06

I didn't make it very clear, but my confusion about the primary schools, is that if this is an area that sustains an 'outstanding' Grammar, how is that fed by lots of 'satisfactory' schools.

Anyway, sorry to hear that we should steer clear of the east end of town mother as that is where my new favourite house is!

MrsBarlow nice to hear that you like Hythe - did you discount Sandgate?

Thanks everyone smile

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