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Emotional stages during building work (lighthearted)

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ihavenonameonhere Tue 08-Sep-15 09:14:34

So we are coming to the end of our kitchen extension (into the garage). We are in week 6 and had 5 weeks with no kitchen at all.

I remember the start, so exciting. Checking and seeing progress.

Then the middle where it felt nothing happened (it did but wiring is dull!) and then the banging your head wanting it to finish stage.

Then I get totally over it and didn't care whatsoever.

we have the painters in today and am finally excited again to see it all finished.

What emotions did everyone else go through?

HawkEyeTheNoo Tue 08-Sep-15 09:17:28

Oh oh! I'm just away to have my very first building job kitchen and dining room knocked into one to make big kitchen/family room/dining area. DP is a joiner so will be doing it himself (just waiting on remortgage cash to start) I'm NOT looking forward to it mostly because all my ideas get binned as crap

Agrestic Tue 08-Sep-15 17:44:01

I'm 11 weeks in. For various connected reasons I haven't had a kitchen for 9 months...

I'm so over it I can't even type out the various emotions.

32 months to


Gusthetheatrecat Tue 08-Sep-15 19:24:55

I am in the final stages of a new kitchen which has been delayed beyond any pessimist's most miserable nightmare (though actually, reading the thread, I am in a better place than Agrestic...!)
I am now at the numb stage. It's weeks since I had a kitchen and I feel nothing at all: no hope or enjoyment or anything. I can't allow myself to feel excited - the pain of delay is too much!
I am hoping this stage is followed by some anticipation about moving back in?!

magicstar1 Tue 08-Sep-15 19:34:18

We're 5 months in...what looked like a house we could just move into turned out to have a host of problems. As we haven't an awful lot of money the renovation is being done after work and weekends.
We've had no bathroom for 12 weeks!!! The tiler finished today and we'll be able to shower this weekend yay! Then there's the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, hall - it seems never ending.

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