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Ideas for (sliding) door please - I am desperate, a photo inside

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meadowquark Mon 07-Sep-15 23:27:27

Coming down from the open plan thread!
I have L shaped kitchen dining living space and I desperately need a door to separate the living side as my family is coming for Christmas and, oh dear, I have nowhere to put them unless I install some sort of doors. The width of the gap is 114 so quite odd. I struggle with ideas. Fitted wardrobe style divider not good? Help!

meadowquark Mon 07-Sep-15 23:35:58

114cm that is. The grill on the left hand side is gone. Bump.

Thesunrising Mon 07-Sep-15 23:36:00

Ikea sliding panel curtains? Can't see from your photo if you've got room at one side of the opening to slide them to during the day.

Moregravyplease Mon 07-Sep-15 23:38:02

My friend has door size slatted shutters that divide her sitting room, they look really nice but we're expensive. These are similar.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Mon 07-Sep-15 23:41:29

Do you need a fixed door? Could you make one of those old fashioned ... get dressed behind thingys?? You know the type you throw your undies over the top?

meadowquark Mon 07-Sep-15 23:45:56

Sorry if not visible. Another photo from the other side. The door / panel can slide to one side only. I really want a proper door to be able to pretend to have a separate living room at times!

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Mon 07-Sep-15 23:59:00

Google pocket doors - where the door slides into a space at the back of one of the walls. The are £££ but I'm pretty sure you could get a local carpenter to knock one up - basically a slider, a door and a sort of stud wall...

Thesunrising Tue 08-Sep-15 00:00:12

If that is a stud wall and and you have a large budget then a pocket door would be a good solution. Eclisse do a lovely glass pocket door and they might do standard wood versions too. Would probably necessitate rebuilding the stud wall though to install the track on the inside of the cavity.

Moregravyplease Tue 08-Sep-15 00:01:13

How about something like this?

Thesunrising Tue 08-Sep-15 00:03:49

Screw fix does a glass sliding door that hangs on a rail. About £500. My parents had something similar separating a snug from the kitchen. Very heavy but feels like a proper door.

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