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Making sense of odd roofing quotes

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ThoseAwfulCurtains Sat 05-Sep-15 10:55:13

My lead valley is leaking. A year or so ago, I had 2 quotes to fix it. 1 was @£1500 and the other was @£850. The spec for the job was the same for both quotes so we went for the cheapest.

Turns out that they sealed the valley rather than do a full strip off and re-line so I asked for a revised quote/paperwork to reflect the work they'd actually done. I never heard from them again, despite chasing them so I could actually pay them! (I think they must have been subcontractors on a fiddle tbh).

So now my valley leaks again. I've had 2 more quotes from different people. @£1500 + vat from one company and @ £900 from a smaller company. Again, the job listed on the quotes is the same except that the larger company is using full scaffolding and the smaller has a tower.

It's such a difference in price for the same job and I wondered if any roofers/builders/people in the know could tell me why that is, please.

I think we'll go with the more expensive quote as they fixed our chimney a while back and did a very good job but I'm curious.

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