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Ballpark figure for a bathroom refit?

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Lagoonablue Sat 05-Sep-15 07:53:11

In the N West. Quoted 6 g! Honestly it's a small bathroom.

Need tiles removing then new ones on. No new bath or shower as recently installed. New skink in a unit thing plus new toilet. Add in an extractor.

Er that's it. Possibly new ceiling lights.

6 grand? Surely that's too much!

mylovelylife Sat 05-Sep-15 10:23:53

That does seem expensive.Removing tiles is a labourers job and likely to be a day, they need to be skipped and there is cost for that.Then you need replastering which is viewed as skilled but I doubt its more than a day.Some electrics to fit the fan, assume you have space in consumer unit for new fan and lights? Is it fit and supply of loo & sink? Were you specifying a sink worth thousands??

What are you doing re the floor?

I've had several bathrooms done over the years and I think 1k might be closer to the mark for labour.

Tfoot75 Sat 05-Sep-15 10:41:34

It's about a weeks work for one person so labour should be £1k- £1.5k at a guess. Fully tiled is expensive though so have you picked out a tile already? Prices can be vastly different. Vanity units can also be expensive depending. Sounds like you might have picked more expensive fittings for that much? We've fitted out bathrooms for about £1.5k but had family member fit and tile.

That's picking tiles etc based on no more than £15-£20 per Sqm. If it's fully tiled then your average bathroom at approx 2mx2m would be using a fair amount of tiles, I'd say probably half the cost I've given above.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Sat 05-Sep-15 11:00:01

We are having an entire bathroom refit for just over £4k, that includes old tiles off, old suite removed and disposed of, new shower bath, sink, toilet, shower unit, taps, waste, boxing in pipes for shower, replacement showerboard (decided not to go for new tiling). They are allowing 7 working days to do the work, the fixtures and fittings come in at £2k and the labour is costing us £2200.

MrsTaraPlumbing Sat 05-Sep-15 12:56:18

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wickedwaterwitch Sat 05-Sep-15 16:04:53

I've had 2 bathrooms done in the last few years - labour for one was £4k to include removing everything, tiling from floor to ceiling on 2 walls, installing shower tray, shower and alcove cupboard, reinstalling loo and sink, painting, sanding and painting wooden floor. The materials (tiles, paint, shower and tray, glass shower side, new light) was about £2k

The other bathroom was £4k all in iirc

In both cases though I've bought baths, sinks etc myself

Lagoonablue Sat 05-Sep-15 19:40:58

I will look elsewher. Thanks. No not a full refit. I have seen reasonably priced sink units and only want basic. Tiles are metro but not expensive. Want it half tiled. Happy with vynil floor tbh. Thanks guys.

JimmyGreavesMoustache Sat 05-Sep-15 19:46:59

we're in the NW
ours was £4.7k for replaster, new skirtings, new tiles, new flooring, light, installing an extractor, all new bath /sink taps etc
not top of the range stuff, but decent branded sanitary ware. I think our quote broke down as about half labour, half materials. plus fee to the plumer for project managing the whole thing to get done in 5 days while we stayed in a cottage over half term.

Perfectlypurple Sat 05-Sep-15 19:53:56

We are South west. We are paying that for a full refit, new everything and going fairly high spec

poocatcherchampion Sat 05-Sep-15 20:04:36

Can I hijack this thread for recommendations south of Birmingham?

We've got two 1970s bathrooms that require attention..

lalalonglegs Sat 05-Sep-15 20:48:10

Metro tiles will bump up the costs because, although not expensive themselves, they take a lot longer to put up than larger tiles. A lot of tilers inwardly groan at the thought. If you choose something larger - 20-30 x 40-60cm - I am sure the labour cost would drop sigificantly.

Tfoot75 Sat 05-Sep-15 20:51:24

Bit shocked at some of these prices, sound more reasonable for a kitchen to me than a bathroom! Understand £6k if really high spec but struggle to work out how the labour cost can be so high (ime plasterers/filers tend to charge about £150 per day)

Lagoonablue Sun 06-Sep-15 08:05:33

Yes I do think the quote is too high. I am going to shop around.

I agree about Metro tiles bumping up the labour costs........just like them though!

itsraininginbaltimore Sun 06-Sep-15 08:10:46

I did a very small bathroom last year, half the walls were tiled, the floor was tiled, Ideal Standard sanitary ware, Grohe mixer shower over bath, glass screen, Spent about £850 on the vanity unit and mirrored cabinet with lighting in. Total was about 5k

PennyPants Sun 06-Sep-15 09:07:11

Way too much.
We had everything removed, skip, complete good quality new bathroom suite with shower added, fully tiled, new lights, cupboard, radiator, ceiling boarded and skimmed, new pipes, new flooring etc. £4k all in. It's an excellent job.
We were quoted £7K from someone else though. I would get more quotes.

Roseandbee Sun 06-Sep-15 09:26:17

I'm North west & did mine 3 years ago. I paid 4k for a total refit including new pipe work, a full replaster & a lot of tiling. I think my suite & tiles came to somewhere just over 1k the rest was labour & the other materials needed

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