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Has anyone used an online estate agent?

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PearlMcClutcher Fri 04-Sep-15 21:16:48

We are planning on putting our house on the market and have been considering using an online agent. Has anybody sold, or failed to sell property using this method? Any tips for using one?

missmargot Fri 04-Sep-15 21:20:32

We've used House Network to sell two houses and have been really impressed. The quality of the photos were great and they were so helpful. We were quite happy doing the viewings ourselves so didn't see any downside and it saved us lots of money.

PearlMcClutcher Sat 05-Sep-15 07:42:47

Thanks missmargot, have you sold through a 'traditional' agent? How did the two experiences compare?

missmargot Sat 05-Sep-15 12:50:51

Yes, we sold through a traditional agent the first time around and online for the next two. Both experiences were fine but House Network did produce better details. Other than that no real difference except in the cost.

curriegirl Sat 05-Sep-15 20:58:19

I think it depends where you live to be honest.

Julie1980 Sat 19-Sep-15 21:37:12

I think online estate agents are the way to go. I used one recently called your natural There service was brilliant, helpful and friendly. I would never use a high street agent again. As long as the property is listed on rightmove and zoopla I don't see the point in paying a traditional agents ridiculous fees that can be over 1.6% of the property value. your natural offer different packages and payment options to suit your circumstance. Would definitely recommend.

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