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temporary paint -masonry paint?

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Konserve Fri 04-Sep-15 15:35:50

had a window replaced and a bit of the paint on the stonework was damaged.
can I paint with something until we get the masonry bits sanded/repared/painted?

if yes, what can I use?

PigletJohn Fri 04-Sep-15 17:32:06

if you want to you can

you will probably not get a perfect colour match.

If you are painting brick, stone or render, apply one or two mist coats, thinned with about a third water, with a brush and let it soak into the bare brickwork. the first coat will disappear. Once it stops disappearing, let it dry and you can apply unthinned. You do not need to do this where the old surface is painted. Do not use glue.

You will never be able to remove the paint.

Konserve Fri 04-Sep-15 18:01:28

I want to disguise the ugly new limecrete and stone where it has been damaged until we do the whole thing properly.

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