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Tiles - please share any taking your eye at the moment

(53 Posts)
Lelivre Fri 04-Sep-15 08:50:11

I'm so weary from looking at tiles. I just love the dandelion ones from Sweden but shipping only for two samples is £29 - I must be realistic!

I would do appreciate some links to any tiles (available in the UK) that you are considering. Thanks smile

HeighHoghItsBacktoWorkIGo Fri 04-Sep-15 08:54:21

Don't know what the dandelion ones from Sweden are! Can you give me some idea what sort of thing you are looking for? For which room?

puffylovett Fri 04-Sep-15 10:23:16


Currently in love with these for behind my stainless steel cooker

Lelivre Fri 04-Sep-15 10:58:33

Thanks puffy, I can see why you like them smile

Here are some pics of the dandelion.

I like contemporary/Nordic/mid century/geometric but happy to look at anything.

Lelivre Fri 04-Sep-15 10:59:53

I'm looking for walls kitchen and cloakroom. Anything that has caught anyone's eye I would love to see. I can't do anymore browsing online right now!

HeighHoghItsBacktoWorkIGo Fri 04-Sep-15 11:06:31

Oooh, those are nice!
I am having trouble finding anything quite like them sold here in the UK, though. I will give a shout if I do!

HeighHoghItsBacktoWorkIGo Fri 04-Sep-15 11:11:36

Here are some contemporary-retro tiles sold in London:


They are so expensive, that really, they just justify the price of shipping what you really want from Sweden! Gosh, I'd be tempted. It's hard to change tiles, so getting what you really want is crucial and you will live with them for a long time.

Lelivre Fri 04-Sep-15 17:59:42

Yeah I like the ones on your link...But still pricey; I'm thinking of saving up for the Swedish ones but it could be a while! I'm really hoping to find something equally lovely but affordable.

aliciagardner Sat 05-Sep-15 08:36:13

These ones tiles

Click on the picture with them in the room, they don't look much initially. I love that they have shade variation.

aliciagardner Sat 05-Sep-15 08:40:29

Have just clicked on your dandelion picture and see you want something more 'feature'. My link is probably not helpful then, sorry. But this is a nice website anyway. I have used them before and they were good. Some fired earth lookalikes for 1/3 of the price, etc.

SummerMonths Sat 05-Sep-15 08:43:20

We just ordered these.


Lelivre Sat 05-Sep-15 23:08:53

Alicia - I don't mind those at all they could work smile I'm not stuck on a statement tile, I am just quite take with the dandelion one but must watch my spend.

Lelivre Sat 05-Sep-15 23:11:12

Summer months - pretty and easy to live with. Good choice, thanks for posting smile

dynevoran Sun 06-Sep-15 07:09:56

I love the dandelion ones and am planning to use onbathroom floor in the renovation house I'm currently trying to find! I'd say save up and go for it with those. You'll treasure them and will only keep wishing you had used them if you don't!

Sorry that's not massively helpful but I think they are so statement they will be worth it. I have been looking for around 6 months trying to make decisions so when we find the right project I have made most decisions about what I want and I haven't found anything that comes close which isn't as expensive or more so!

wowfudge Sun 06-Sep-15 07:20:50

OP the tiles Alicia has linked to are made by Johnsons in Stoke and also available in 30x10cm format. They are the same tiles as Topps Attingham - same colours, etc the only difference is that Topps have the 40x15 format as an exclusive and have given the colours different names. Leaf = Seagrass in Topps. We recently bought the Oat Gloss 30x10 direct from Johnsons and saved a packet. The colour is sold as Old White in Topps. They look great in our bathroom.

zoemaguire Sun 06-Sep-15 07:28:01

I'm with dynevoran. Any possible way you can afford the dandelions? I got some incredibly lovely zelige tiles from emery et cie (worth a look too, but just as expensive as yourssmile) for our kitchen and five years on they still give me a little shiver of pleasure every time I look at them! [http://www.emeryetcie.com/en/what/tiles/]]

zoemaguire Sun 06-Sep-15 07:28:42

Gah, sorry www.emeryetcie.com/en/what/tiles/

Lelivre Sun 06-Sep-15 10:31:13

Zoe - great link thanks! And you have got me thinking if after 5 yrs you still really enjoy yours.

dynevoran Sun 06-Sep-15 14:19:49

Yes emery et cie also do some swoonworthy ones like this:

dynevoran Sun 06-Sep-15 14:20:45

I might need to have an extra cloakroom in New house just for the joy of tiles.

Lelivre Sun 06-Sep-15 15:25:31

Wowfudge thanks that may workout for the cloakroom. I will take a look at colours smile

Lelivre Sun 06-Sep-15 15:36:35

dynevoran have you seen the dandelion tile in real life? I'm wondering if they have a rustic handmade look close up (before I pay £43 inc shopping for two samples tiles, I thought I would ask?!)

Lelivre Sun 06-Sep-15 15:38:02

Also have I made this up or are encaustic (so?) going to stain with fat splashes

Lelivre Sun 06-Sep-15 15:38:47

...if used as a kitchen splash-back

SwedishEdith Sun 06-Sep-15 17:07:28

Some of these tiles are gorgeous. I agree that if you've loved them this long, they're worth getting. It might be cheaper to get a local tile maker to make something similar? Don't know.

Found this site which looks quite useful www.encaustictiles.net/encaustic-tiles-configurator.html

I'm thinking of starting to just put tiles up on the wall (in some sort of frame!) because I've nowhere to put them. Seems a tiny bit extravagant to but another house just to for this purpose.

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