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Moving to Cuffley?

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artylady14 Thu 03-Sep-15 16:28:49

We are thinking of moving to Cuffley and wondered what it would be like to live there. It's on the train line that my husband needs to get to work. I would prefer Potters Bar but think it's a bit more expensive. Does anybody know the area/community well?

artylady14 Thu 03-Sep-15 16:29:44

p.s. forgot to ask....I would like to know about local services and if they are any good - e.g. hospitals, leisure facilities,etc.

CornettoAddict Thu 03-Sep-15 18:33:40

I grew up in Cuffley and still have parents there so yes, I would say I know it pretty well!
It's a bit more expensive than Potters Bar, property wise. You won't find many houses under £400k in Cuffley, but would have a bit more option in Potters Bar if your budget was below that.
In the village itself there's a Co-Op, Tesco Metro, chemist, Post Office, Barclays Bank, dental surgery, vets, doctors (which is sort of 'twinned' with the surgery in Goffs Oak, 5 mins drive up the hill) newsagents etc, a lovely Indian and Chinese restaurants, fish and chip shop and a couple of coffee shop/cafes.
There's a primary school, library, a big park with a tennis club as well.
There's public swimming pools in Potters Bar, Cheshunt and Hatfield, which are all within a 15 minute drive.
It's a really good location (especially if you drive) as you're within 10-20 min of Brookfield Farm which has a big Next, Tesco, Boots, M&S etc. Welwyn Garden City for John Lewis. Hertford which is a lovely little town to have a wander or meal out. Not to mention everywhere else I haven't!
Nearest NHS hospital would probably be Chase Farm in Enfield, or Lister in Stevenage. There are still some NHS facilities at the QE11 hospital in Welwyn and also at Hertford hospital.
Nearest Urgent Care centre is Cheshunt.
Hope this helps a bit smile

NicoleWatterson Thu 03-Sep-15 18:46:22

It's just been on the news about the compost dump at cattlegate farm, there so be warned your not looking near there. As someone who used to live near an organic compost heap the flies are like something else!

cuffley is lovely, but a bit more expensive than potters bar as the pp says. On a hospital note your also near Barnet general. That train line is a great line though, I commuted using it a bit further down and it was much more reliable than the northern & Piccadilly line alternatives

artylady14 Fri 04-Sep-15 09:17:41

Thank you both for lots of information! I thought that Potters Bar was more expensive than Cuffley from looking at Rightmove recently but there seems to be very little property for sale in both, particularly Potters Bar. The compost heap rings a bell and I will look into that and what it means for living there.

squiby2004 Fri 04-Sep-15 10:18:19

Cuffley is a far more desirable area than Potters Bar. My in laws live on the ridgeway and you need at least 7 figures to get anything close to them. Saying that there is a rather contentious new housing development being planned at the other end of the village which I imagine will be more affordable.

MimsyPimsy Fri 04-Sep-15 11:24:01

What age are your children? If you want to get into an "outstanding" state secondary school, you could move into the catchment for Dame Alice Owen in Potters Bar.

Prices for houses on the train line seem to have shot up recently.

artylady14 Fri 04-Sep-15 14:13:18

I know Potters Bar and Cuffley a little as I grew up in North London. Never really noticed much in Cuffley so I know it's a quiet area and, of course, has lovely houses. It's interesting to find out what its really like to live there. I know Owen's school is great. My husband wont move more than half a mile from a train station so that's the problem that makes it very hard to find a house as there isn't much on the market.

Squiby - where is the housing development that's being planned so I can avoid that area? Is it near the train station? Thank you.

squiby2004 Sat 05-Sep-15 11:13:07

My FIL has said it is approx 560 houses, near the tennis courts/park, but on opposite side of the road. The station is at the bottom of the high street which is a hill, so probably quicker getting to station than hiking back up the hill at the end of the day. About 20 mins to and 25 mins back maybe. I have only ever drive that route though so it's a guess. My SIL attended Dame Alice from Cuffley but I doubt you would get in from that distance now due to its popularity. My H boarded from 9 years through to 18 so I don't know much about other state options in that area.

artylady14 Mon 07-Sep-15 18:39:52

Thanks for all this information. It's so helpful. We took a drive there and walked around near the station. Quite a lot of bungalows which is probably why there isnt much coming up on Rightmove. We are quite put off by the compost farm and there were notices up around the shops about this and the new housing development which was disappointing. It really put us off and will definitely change the area.

We are leaning more towards Potters Bar now. There is nothing at all new coming up on Rightmove near the station though!

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