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Advice needed on buying a new oven. Any recommendations or ones to avoid?

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NannyR Wed 02-Sep-15 19:58:14

I need to buy an integrated electric oven and I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choice of models and different prices etc.

Firstly, does anyone know what the difference is between models that can be plugged into a 13amp socket and models which have to be installed by an electrician (16 amp)? Are the 16amp ones more powerful/efficient?

I've been advised that beko do good lower priced ovens and to steer clear of indesit - does anyone have good/bad things to say about beko?

Also how much do I need to spend to get an oven that works well and will last a good few years? Am I going to get something decent for around £200? I would be happy to spend up to £350 if it's a significantly better oven, as in more reliable, less likely to need repairs.


Placemarking as I also need a new electric cooker.

Be warned, I will ignore all recommendations of Beko with extreme prejudice. grin I have spent some years putting up with one. Never again.

Rhgoddess1 Thu 03-Sep-15 11:58:09

I don't know about the amp but was advised most ovens apart from v cheap ones will need to be wired in those days. I can't be sure how accurate what I was told is..... I'm sure other people know more about electrics!

I got the most basic model neff fan oven for around £300ish from JL two years ago and am v happy with it. Easy to use, clean and heats up quickly. Bosch my friend got is good. Had an AEG before that which was a pretty good oven. Personally I prefer get the basic model from a decent brand with a good reputation for reliability than a fancier model from a cheap manufacturer. ( I did though buy a fancy dishwasher with a light on the floor but I stand by that as really useful featuregrin

Millymollymama Thu 03-Sep-15 14:05:35

Always get a decent brand. German if you can. You can see how robust they are by having a look in John Lewis. Some are very flimsey with cheap controls. Meile, Neff, Siemens and Bosch would be my first port of call. Neff do not seem as well built as they used to be, nor AEG.

Chrispotts Wed 16-Mar-16 20:10:04

Avoid AEG ours lasted 15 Months was under warranty otherwise repair would have been overx£350

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