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Helensburgh, Cove, Kilcreggan, Anyone??

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inmyshoos Tue 01-Sep-15 17:41:49

Looking at moving and considering these places. Currently v rural, have 3dc 7,9 and 11.

Anyone know these areas well?

twinky Tue 01-Sep-15 19:26:30

Hi I live in Cardross just down the road from Helensburgh. They are all nice places to stay but Helensburgh is more of a small town. It has a choice of several primary schools, a new academy and good train station. The other 2 are small and transport is an issue if you don't drive or will be taxiing kids everywhere.

inmyshoos Tue 01-Sep-15 19:56:01

Hi Twinky, thanks for replying.
We already have to taxi the kids all over here so not too bothered about that although I'm sure when they hit their teens they might prefer some independance.

I just want to find somewhere that is safe for kids to play out, good schools and good dog walks! Friendly people would help too! I do like the idea of walking into town in Helensburgh, pottering round the charity shops and having a coffee! grin
The big schools are a bit daunting in Helensburgh. Kids currently at a 30 pupil school.
Do you like living in Cardross? We used to have friends in Cardross when I was a child. Fond memories!

twinky Tue 01-Sep-15 20:35:45

All 3 places are safe for the kids to play out and although the schools are bigger than you may be used to I think they are a far cry from busy city schools. Much friendlier and although Cardross Primary has a roll of around 200 the kids are all known by name to everyone. We're quite settled here now. I think the main thing to consider living further out in Cove and Kilcreggan is how far you are from everything. Fine in the summer but if you get a bad winter it takes forever to go anywhere. We looked at a lovely house in Kilcreggan but it was oil heating and 40 mins to Helensburgh. I suppose it depends on what suits you. Are you in a position to go and look at the villages yourselves?

inmyshoos Tue 01-Sep-15 22:52:06

We could go and have a look yes. But I always feel what you see driving around a village doesn't always give much away. So much more helpful to hear from people who have experience of living in an area, like your good self!!

Oil heating doesn't sound too bad as we have had solid fuel heating for the past 9 years! I do secretly dream of gch... blush

There is a house in Helensburgh I like and one in Kilcreggan. Hoping to view them over the weekend. Thanks for the info Twinky

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