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Suggestions for shampoo etc storage in a shower

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Draylon Tue 01-Sep-15 15:10:57

My shower looks like this, only not as clean grin

It's a bit naughty, that picture, because it doesn't show the diagonal struts that support the walls, 2 near each top and 2 near each bottom of the glass walls, screwed into the tiles, a bit like this- which isn't my shower! As mentioned, my diagonals are about 1/5 of the way down from the top and up from the bottom, and we have been using this BUT the suction cups have failed so often, we hang it from a top diagonal strut with Ikea kitchen rail 'S' hooks.

It works, but a) it's a bit clunky, and b) the basket is rust central.

Any ideas on how we can store 4 shampoo/conditioner bottles in the shower, off the floor, maybe utilising the diagonal supports?


wowfudge Tue 01-Sep-15 16:24:02

We have suction baskets in the shower - but they are plastic of some description and just have simple suckers rather than those twist on things. Only ever have a problem if they are overloaded - about 5 times over the years. I have read that they don't stick to matt and textured tile surfaces, so maybe that's the issue you've had? We've had one of them for donkeys years and it still looks brand new.

I think anything hanging from the supports won't look right. What about actually fitting something to the wall - in the grout lines if you can? I'd go for stainless steel if you do that or you'll have a rust problem down the line.

DoloresLandingham Tue 01-Sep-15 16:29:14

Measure the floor to ceiling height and see if you could accommodate a tension pole shower caddy: Ours hasn't rusted in five years.

Draylon Tue 01-Sep-15 16:39:52

I like the caddy though it is a bit expensive!

Millymollymama Wed 02-Sep-15 11:40:54

We have a glass shelf (about 100 x 350 mm long) designed to be in a shower and screwed to the tiles/wall. Works perfectly and stores shower gels and shampoo. It is just above head height. It probably came from John Lewis or Bathstore.

wowfudge Wed 02-Sep-15 12:29:26

IKEA do a version of that telescopic caddy. Could be worth a look?

cestlavielife Wed 02-Sep-15 13:55:39

i ahve the the simplehuman one it is far better than any other cheaper ones which just rust in couple years.

wowfudge Wed 02-Sep-15 14:34:38

The Ikea one is plastic. Seemed quite sturdy when I had a look last night.

Draylon Fri 04-Sep-15 15:25:59

Thanks, all, I am thinking the solution is to pay out and get a good something!

Spickle Sat 05-Sep-15 08:43:52

If you want rust proof then consider chrome on brass - very expensive but worth it.

Something like this maybe:

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