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How is living in Motspur park

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Home009 Mon 31-Aug-15 18:42:47

Hi All,
We are looking to buy a property (budget wise max 600k, 3 bed+) and have found a house ( near Motspur park station) which looks good.
We are not too sure of area and school options that our kids will have in say next 4/5 year ( planning one now).
Please can anyone share their knowledge if they know or live in this area.
Thanks a lot

Blowitout Mon 31-Aug-15 19:32:19

Which side of Motspur Park station is it on? West is Kingston borough and East is Merton borough. That will help you determine school options.

Home009 Mon 31-Aug-15 21:00:11

Hi Blowitout
This is next to Motspur train station, post code KT3 6QS

Blowitout Mon 31-Aug-15 21:25:33

I think that postcode is still Merton. Your closest schools are religious schools (catholic) and if they are oversubscribed you'd need to be a church goer to have a hope of getting in. I don't know the rules on applying to schools in another borough, it looks like the Kingston schools may actually be closer. However you do have good options for Secondary school if you can think that far ahead - Coombe boys and Coombe girls.

Heelsdown Mon 31-Aug-15 22:02:26

My DCs are past school age, but my DD did very well at Coombe Girls.

You would have the best chippy for miles around though, and a great journey into Waterloo. smile

TheCommoner Mon 31-Aug-15 22:14:47

Both Merton and Kingston are great boroughs for kids and for schools. Not only that, but our Mumsnet Local Merton is very active, so you can check us out at meet-ups if you like, or just get info from the local talk board. smile

Home009 Mon 31-Aug-15 23:20:52

Thanks @Blowitout, @Heelsdown, TheCommoner for your replies.

Yes Kingston is also not too far.

Does anybody know the rules of applying to good primary schools around this postcode.
Sorry, this will be our first experience of raising kids blush

Blowitout Tue 01-Sep-15 07:36:23

Rightmove has some useful colour maps to show the catchment areas for each school. I don't know how accurate their data is though. Perhaps call Kingston council school admissions and ask them how likely you'd be to get offered a place at one of your closest schools? It is such a lottery unfortunately!

Blu Tue 01-Sep-15 08:21:16

Schools publish an Admissions Criteria: unless they are a faith school it is usually Looked After (in care) children, SEN, siblings, distance from school. There is no preference or discrimination based on borough boundaries, so that makes no difference.

Look at the primary school admissions section of both boroughs, they will publish a brochure about school's admissions and list all the schools. Most boroughs list how oversubscribed a school is (places v applications) and the last distance admitted . The last distance does change from year to year, often getting smaller, but also gives the last distance for National Offer Day, not the last distance once all the waiting lists have been sorted out.

Blu Tue 01-Sep-15 08:22:59

What I mean is, by law the borough of residence is not allowed as an Admissions Criteria, anywhere in England.

Home009 Tue 01-Sep-15 21:26:52

Thanks all for the pointer, wish things were simpler : -)

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