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Flooring for my entire downstairs, help please!!!

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Ikeameatballs Mon 31-Aug-15 09:10:15

I have just ordered a lovely new v modern kitchen for my house. It will have a combination of white and dark blue handless gloss units with a white quartz worktop and upstands.

I will also need to re floor the entire downstairs. This consists of a hallway that leads into a large kitchen which then flows round to a seating area then to a dining room and then to a living room. There is also a downstairs loo and utility room off the kitchen. Currently the living room and dining room are both carpeted with a laminate everywhere else. I wanted to change everything to a v realistic wood laminate but I'm now unsure. My bf, who doesn't live with me but is happy to give his opinion hmm thinks I should keep the living room carpeted. My mum thinks I should tile the downstairs loo and utility. I'm concerned that the wood that I like for the living room and dining room is too rustic for the v modern kitchen!

I have a total of 65m2 to cover and am v worried about getting it wrong!!

Please help with suggestions!

wowfudge Mon 31-Aug-15 09:19:39

What's your budget for flooring?

Ikeameatballs Mon 31-Aug-15 09:25:35

Ideally under 5k

Ikeameatballs Mon 31-Aug-15 09:27:23

And the only doors are between the hallway and kitchen, but this is never closed, and between the kitchen and utility. There are large openings between the seating area next to the kitchen and the dining room and again between the dining room and the living room.

housemoverihope Mon 31-Aug-15 11:20:25

If you want laminate I would highly recommend quikstep. I had it in my last house (all the way through downstairs) and it looked fab. It was down 9 years (when we moved) and still looked perfect. I had the one with 4 edges. We had quite dark imitation wood which worked well with a more modern kitchen and the rest of the 1930s house.

housemoverihope Mon 31-Aug-15 11:23:51

This was it, much smaller floor than yours though!

PigletJohn Mon 31-Aug-15 12:21:45

Carpet for living room will be quieter, warmer and more comfortable.

Any pets?

Is the floor concrete, floorboards, or (vom) chipboard?

chelle792 Mon 31-Aug-15 12:25:08

Have you looked into something like karndean? It's a quality lino and seems to be really durable. There are obv other brands out there but I cant recommend any others from experience I'm afraid

wowfudge Mon 31-Aug-15 13:12:50

I know people refer to vinyl as lino, but lino is something quite different. Karndean/Polyflor/Amtico are well known makes of luxury vinyl tiles (lvt) and are durable and easy to look after. Feel warm underfoot and can be installed with underfloor heating if you want. We've just had Polyflor Colonia put down in our bathroom and my parents have Karndean through their kitchen and utility room.

There was horrible laminate down throughout the ground floor of our house when we moved in and our dog couldn't walk on it - we had runners and rugs for a short time then ripped it all up and had floorboards until we could afford to carpet.

Ikeameatballs Mon 31-Aug-15 16:23:44

No pets, 2 primary school aged doc and I think the floor is a mixture of concrete and floorboards as some of the house is an extension of the original.

I'm now wondering about having the hall, living room, dining room and seating area of the kitchen in the wood with the rest of it in a tile look laminate or lvt in tile effect. The join between the two floors would be at the narrowest point which is the end of the breakfast bar where there would be approx 50cm wide space where you would walk into the seating area.

Any thoughts?

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