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Moving home feeling down

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Troubledahnmill Sun 30-Aug-15 23:05:20

Have never posted before but feeling in need of some advice and I am hoping someone will please reply with any words of wisdom.
Myself and my 5 year old daughter are moving Friday. We are only relocating 5 mins up the road so not a major move. Currently we are renting. The home we are moving to is one that I have managed to buy outright thanks to an inheritance. I should be exited but I just feel very down and nervous. The decorators have been up there for two weeks so it's all lovely and newly painted. The landscaper is coming in a few weeks to fix the garden. I have my removals booked etc etc. I should be leaping up and down with excitement but just feel more and more anxious/ nervous / down every day.
I have been trying to get out of this rental house for two years as hate the landlord and the state of the place. I have literally dreamed about this day for so long but now I just can't shake the feelings.
Please can anyone help ?
Thank you so much.

NetballHoop Sun 30-Aug-15 23:15:04

First of all, congratulations! After two years you've got the move you wanted.

As for feeling anxious, everyone feels anxious moving into a new house, even more so if you're moving from renting to mortgaging, let alone owning outright.
You have taken on responsibility for maintenance, but have also bought a lot more freedom.

You are in control now, and you can do it.

Troubledahnmill Sun 30-Aug-15 23:19:56

Dear Netballhoop
Thank you so much for replying.
I am very grateful. I will keep telling myself this week I can do it.
Thank you so much.

CanISayOfHerFace Sun 30-Aug-15 23:24:31

I think you've made a great decision to use your inheritance to buy a home for you and your daughter. It all sounds very positive.

It came be nerve wracking when you're planning a move, change can be unsettling. Try to see it as a new adventure for you both.

Good luck. Hope you'll be very happy there smile

Troubledahnmill Sun 30-Aug-15 23:40:24

Thank you so much CanISayOfHerface
I am very lucky as the inheritance was unexpected and I am very fortunate to be able to buy somewhere and haven't stopped feeling grateful since the second I was informed.
I thought that I was immune to feeling unsettled as was so desperate to get out of the current rented house. But you are right. It's about change I suppose. The whole thing is life changing. I just expected to feel overwhelmed with excitement and joy five days before the big move so kind of wondering where all the doom and gloom feelings are coming from but it ,must be the change.
I am very grateful of your words and am amazed that people respond so kindly and swiftly.
Thank you ever so much.

lalalonglegs Mon 31-Aug-15 08:46:57

Houses in the UK cost a fortune - dealing with that amount of money can be really worrying even if you know that you have chosen well. It's rare for people not to feel a little bit of buyer's regret even when it's a house that they really like - I think, again, it's the huge price tag involved plus the stress of the process/getting the move sorted. Your house sounds lovely and I am sure you will be very happy there once you have moved in. Good luck.

JustBeingJuliet Mon 31-Aug-15 09:00:15

I've just had the exact same feeling when I moved. I was renting a lovely place; struggling to afford the rent, but I adored the apartment and has lived there for 5 years. My dad got some very unexpected inheritance and offered to buy me and ds a little house outright, which is amazing. Moved in 7 months ago and at first I felt like I'd made a huge mistake! I love the house, it's exactly what I wanted, but it needs a lot of work and I think I get overwhelmed by it sometimes. I'm settling in though, gradually, and that feeling of having no rent to find each month, and the uncertainty of whether the landlord might suddenly decide to sell up/evict us etc., is like a huge weight has been lifted.

Congratulations on your new house smile

NoMilkNoSugar Mon 31-Aug-15 09:12:23

How exciting for you both! The time just before any move is always coupled with nagging doubts, but you have to at least give it a try. Have a good look around the place you are in and remember why you hate it and look forward to that fresh smelling lovely place that you are going to. Take some flowers with you and make it home.

Good luck OP.

Roseandbee Mon 31-Aug-15 09:56:04

Don't worry I always tend to feel like this about moving & it takes me a long time to settle as I just can't help worrying about everything, until eventually one day it becomes my new normal & I'm fine. I'm hoping to exchange contracts this week so might be moving next week. At the moment I'm up n down between excited & scared. I'm worried how I will be once I'm in, as usually I go on a bit of a downer, but I'm hoping that now I know that's how I usually react I'll be able to calm my worries a bit knowing I will settle eventually.
Owning a house is extra responsibility compared to rented but the rewards of having your own place will far out weigh thoses things! X

Blu Tue 01-Sep-15 11:28:14

Troubledahn: there is no wrong and right way to feel!

Big changes stir up all sorts of things. For many people, especially those who have not been able to take security for granted in their lives, change is an anxious time because it is hard to believe change can automatically be for the better!

Do you feel that you never succeed? That you don't deserve to succeed? And therefore imagine that you will mess it all up somehow?

You have made the very best use possible for you and your dd of your inheritance. i am sure whoever left you the money would be road and pleased to see it out to such good use.

Make sure you know how much you need to budget for running your house, get your buildings and contents insurance sorted, keep aittle aside each month to build up a maintenance and emergency fund, and when in doubt about any house matter, ask MN!

I hope your move goes smoothly, settle in gradually and enjoy your house.

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