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Has anyone successfully restuffed a couch cushion?

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bellybuttonfluffy Sun 30-Aug-15 19:50:42

Not sure whether here or Crafts is the best place to ask this..

I have a lovely suite, not overly expensive, but it's not a cheap one either. We have had it coming up to 3 years, and have had a lovely dog for almost 2. Dog loves to perch himself on top of the back cushions, and due to this, we have some terribly squashed cushions! When I took off the covers to wash, I see the filling inside has separated and there are large gaps. I have been forever fluffing up the cushions, but I see now that is why they don't stay their original shape for long.

What are my options? I have collected some old scatter cushion pads which I had hoped to split open and restuff the couch cushion with to fill in the separation gaps which have formed. I seen a great tutorial online which does this, but then finishes by gluing a layer of foam filling on the pad before putting the cover back on, and I'm not sure the reasons for this!

I have also seen there are companies which can do this for us. If it is going to be a huge hassle, then I think i will consider this but would love to save the money to do it myself if it is a relative straightforward job.

Any advice would be fantastic!

IamnotaspoonIamafork Sun 30-Aug-15 23:00:48

feather or synthetic? If the latter, I have spent a very fluffy afternoon helping very good friends do this for two, two-seater sofas. Basically, they bought quite a few bags of new stuffing (they were advised on the amount from the local fabric shop - it's always more than you think) and we took the new stuff and the old stuff and tore everything into small pieces. Mixed it all up, then re-stuffed all the cushions. It was tickly messy work, and quite time-consuming, but not hard. It didn't last indefinitely, but they were better for a good long time (couple of years?). Rope in friends if you can - it's not the world's most interesting task on your own grin
I had not heard of the gluing option but am hoping someone else comes along and explains!

overthemill Sun 30-Aug-15 23:08:10

I did - using a company who re stuffed 2 feather seat cushions using synthetic material. Extended life if expensive sofa by 5 more years. It wasn't cheap but not hideously expensive either

PinkFlamingoAteMyLipstick Sun 30-Aug-15 23:17:44

I've got a very comfy sofa that's over 15 years old and have given the cushions several new leases of life by using duvets. For the seat cushions its a case of wrapping the duvets around the cushion a bit like wrapping a massive parcel and stitching in place. Depending on the shape of your cushions it could work instead of gluing foam? My cushions are several duvet layers thick now as they've been added over the years.

bellybuttonfluffy Mon 31-Aug-15 07:48:22

Thanks all for the replies!

It's a synthetic one. I've actually got a duvet that I was about to throw out after getting a new one! So with the duvet, you don't split it? Does it not look lumpy at all? Might be worth a try!

Silverstreaks Mon 31-Aug-15 09:49:47

We had the same problem as the dog likes to look out of the window.
I came across pillows that were almost the right size in IKEA. They're called Hampdan 50x80cm. I left the old one in and put the new one in too. They are now plumped and comfy and because the new one is at the front you can't feel any gaps.
Much easier than restuffing and quite cheap.

bellybuttonfluffy Mon 31-Aug-15 17:47:36

I wish those would fit our sofa, but they would be much too small sad. I don't know what to do now. Restuffing seems fiddly, and the duvet option would mean buying 3 more duvets to cover all the cushions.

inmyshoos Mon 31-Aug-15 21:20:45

You can buy duvets for 6 quid, doubt you'd get stuffing cheaper tbh.

Agrestic Mon 31-Aug-15 23:48:53

I restuffed mine with some old pillows! I made a fist size hole in the inner pillow. Fished around pulling apart the lumps and spread the new pillow stuffing around.

Not the most professional fix but it worked and didn't cost a penny!

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