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Has anyone painted the outside of their cast iron bath?

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Kitsmummy Sun 30-Aug-15 08:42:48

Hi, I'm having my bathroom done and having an old claw foot bath in but the outside of it is green and I want to change it.

Do I need to sand, prime (which primer?) and then use an oil eggshell, or do you know if I can just use oil eggshell straight on top of the current green (which is in good condition)? Thanks

mysteryfairy Sun 30-Aug-15 10:35:14

painting an enamel bath

Sorry, your post just reminded me of this, no useful advice!

Kitsmummy Sun 30-Aug-15 10:39:09

Errr thank you, I think, mystery fairy!!! grin

Acer77 Mon 31-Aug-15 18:19:39

You'd be fine to paint it - farrow and ball do both primers and paint for metal and I know they are ok for baths as lots of cast iron bath makers use their paints now

charlestonchaplin Mon 31-Aug-15 19:53:49

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