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Annie456 Sun 30-Aug-15 07:24:04

Hello, due to be moving to Warwickshire from London with 2 pre-school boys as my husband is relocating to Birmingham and we have family in Leicestershire. We're getting a bit frazzled looking at properties and need to narrow down our search-please help!
We need to be within a 15 min drive of a fast train to Birmingham, not more than an hour from South Leics, would like a rural location but with access to local amenities and ideally a good / outstanding primary in the nearest village.
My worries are not being isolated (quite looking forward to that after London) but some of the villages we've looked at seem to have a rather mature population and would like to find somewhere close to other mums and kids for my boys to hang out with / grow up with.

Please help!!!

wowfudge Sun 30-Aug-15 17:05:12

Hampton Magna is very close to Warwick Parkway station and the motorway network and not far from Warwick itself so somewhere over that side?

DoloresLandingham Sun 30-Aug-15 18:03:57

Not strictly Warwickshire any more, but Knowle, Dorridge, and Bentley Heath are lovely villages with outstanding schools and lots of young families. Very handy for Solihull for amenities and Dorridge is on the railway line between Marylebone and Birm. Pricey, however, and possibly not rural enough for you. What's your budget and what do you need for it?

MultiShirker Tue 01-Sep-15 09:29:20

Stratford? Villages near there? Alcester? Villages near there?

But they're all pricey. What's your budget. And if you want a village atmosphere within the amenities of the city, have a look at Barnt Green, or Bournville.

DoloresLandingham Tue 01-Sep-15 09:34:27

Another thought - bear in mind that Warwickshire has a grammar school system, which may or may not appeal. You are unlikely to get as far west as Worcestershire but if you do, remember that they still operate a three-tier school system (although this is gradually being eroded).

senua Tue 01-Sep-15 09:48:32

We need to be within a 15 min drive of a fast train to Birmingham.

Woah! You do realise that you could be very close to a fast train to Birmingham that doesn't stop? Check out the route of HS2.

senua Tue 01-Sep-15 09:52:50

Barnt Green is very naice. Good 'village' atmosphere, train to Brum, good primary and secondary schools. Not sure how long it takes to get to Leicester but Nottm is about an hour.

Annie456 Wed 02-Sep-15 02:02:51

Thanks folks, will check out all these suggestions. Budget is 750k max and would like farm house with about an acre. So far looked in a few villages within 15 min drive of Tamworth station, budget there is fine but not villages are more like hamlets and not sure how much community there would be within reach. Also looked at knowle and surrounding villages and our budget doesn't stretch far enough for what we want. (Though lovely villages!)
Schools are a bit of an issue too as I'd want a 1-2 rated primary in the nearest village.
DH keeps saying "and at this point Kirsty and Phil say 'and where are you going to compromise'" ....I can't yet!

senua Wed 02-Sep-15 08:53:29

This doesn't quite fit the brief but would you consider it. It is in walking distance of the station and close to the motorway network. Both primary and secondary schools are excellent. It doesn't have an acre but it is right next to countryside. It has "somewhere close to other kids for my boys to hang out with / grow up with" which you can see in picture 21 - the rugby club.

nottheOP Wed 02-Sep-15 08:58:51

Look around Rugby station - there are some lovely villages out that way

Something like this?

nottheOP Wed 02-Sep-15 09:01:59

MythicalKings Wed 02-Sep-15 09:17:00

Also look north of the county - no grammars there and easy journey to Birmingham from Nuneaton or Coventry. Closer to Leics as well. Higham on the Hill or Stoke Golding, maybe.

DoloresLandingham Wed 02-Sep-15 10:33:12

Hampton-in-Arden? Henley-in-Arden is gorgeous but £££.

MaximumVolume Wed 02-Sep-15 10:49:40

Kineton, Pillaton Priors, Tysoe etc. You aren't actually far from Banbury there, so train is fast to London. You're near the Fosse Way which goes up through Leicestershire to Nottinghamshire.

MaximumVolume Wed 02-Sep-15 10:50:49

Sorry, autocorrect! Pillerton Priors!

RaisingSteam Thu 03-Sep-15 19:23:32

Villages around Tamworth have a very good service to Birmingham and London as you are on the West Coast main line. where in Leicestershire are your IL's though, it's an enormous county. We live right on the western edge and it seems to take half a day to get to Market Harborough.

Dinkydoos Thu 03-Sep-15 19:30:10

I would totally second knowle and dorridge. Compromise slightly on house., as think you won't regret it
Good primary schools there but also Arden school secondary is amazing.

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