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Kitchen Design Dilemma - any ideas appreciated!

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Titsywoo Wed 26-Aug-15 19:02:21

So I had my kitchen design done while the building work was happening and for some reason my mind decided to blank out the rsj that is sitting right where I was going to put a cabinet. We have just finished plastering so can't really start moving appliances as first fix obviously done. So any ideas what I do here? Have attached a pic of the offending wall and a pic of the design. The end with the range cooker is what will be in the section for the pic attached. So a big boxed in steel sits where my wall cabinet goes. I could just not have one there but I like symmetry. I can't put it under the beam as my wall cupboards are tall ones to reach the ceiling.

I'm stuck and i need to decide asap!

Thanks flowers

housemoverihope Wed 26-Aug-15 19:20:15

Agree that it won't look right non-symmetrical. Do you really need the two wall units? If not I would just lose them both. Or have two shorter units, could you get glass ones or open shelving to stop them looking odd?

Titsywoo Wed 26-Aug-15 19:47:50

Yes I think losing them both is the only option. That is fine really I can make it work but I would like something there so maybe open shelving could look good. Wish I had a better imagination - or could use photoshop!

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