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London flat - bathroom and Kitchen

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babyconverse Fri 21-Aug-15 16:40:13

Just thinking about some options and wondered what people's experience was around the cost of a kitchen and a bathroom re-do for a small kitchen and bathroom. we'd be looking to do the job at one time and would include changing a wall and moving a boiler. Would need all fixtures and fittings I assume.
Also - would we get separate builders/ contractors / companies in for each bit or would we be better asking one builder to do the whole job? If one person - how do you go about finding someone who can do that?

As you can see we really have no idea about jobs on this scale and really don't know where to start! We're thinking about ways to get the money together so trying to get an idea about how much we would need for it (and ultimately if it's better to do it up, or just to move!)

Any help much appreciated!

ManeEvent Fri 21-Aug-15 16:46:56

Clicked out of interest as we are selling a 1 bed in London with old bathroom (no shower, only bath) and 20 year old knackered kitchen.

Have you thought about getting a couple of estate agents in to value & ask them?

We did this and worked out it would save us money if we didn't do anything and sold as is.

Prices were £360 as is but may be able to get as high as £375 with new kitchen, bathroom and whole flat repainted as would have to be completely immaculate to achieve £375. We couldn't bring all that in for less than 18k plus would have been lots of work.

SmellTheGlove Sun 23-Aug-15 07:26:38

I've just done both! Bathroom had to be moved upstairs which added about 2k because of additional pipe/drain work, the rest worked out as 2.5k for sanitary wear and tiles/flooring (that was mid range stuff) and for fitting (not fully tiled, just shower cubicle and above bath/basin) and 4k for fitting. So 6.5k. Kitchen was about the same. 2k on units from DIY kitchens, 2k all new quality appliances (neff/bosch etc - fridge freezer, hob, single oven, washing machine, dishwasher), 2k fitting. Don't know about boiler - we did get a new one but also had to put in whole central heating system so not sure about cost of just boiler. We used 2 different companies - bathroom one was pretty rubbish, did good job in the end but took ages and needed constant nagging to do things, kitchen one was fantastic and I wish I'd used them to do bathroom too!

SmellTheGlove Sun 23-Aug-15 07:29:29

Also, I used Checkatrade to find people. I know it gets a bad rap sometimes but I've used 7 or 8 trades from there on this renovation and only 1 has been a bit rubbish. And even they weren't cowboys.

babyconverse Thu 29-Oct-15 07:43:44

Thanks for the help guys! Sorry only just noticed the replies

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