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We have a date!!!

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SWFARMER Thu 20-Aug-15 06:52:30

Woooooo. After a long wait we are exchanging today and getting the keys Wednesday grin very happy!

Now I feel strangely unprepared. Buildings and contents and life insurance sorted. I'm going to sort the council tax online today. Been told to wait till we move in for the gas and electric.

Ringing regarding broadband and telephone line.

We have a van for.Wednesday.

Anything else that needs to be urgently done?

wowfudge Thu 20-Aug-15 07:18:56

Mail forwarding?

SWFARMER Thu 20-Aug-15 07:29:58

My parents will be living two roads away so that will be fine. I'll notify main companies of my move that I can remember lol.

wowfudge Thu 20-Aug-15 09:16:50

What do you mean about your parents? If I moved into your old place and someone kept coming round for your mail, I'd be less than happy. You can expect to have it returned to sender.

specialsubject Thu 20-Aug-15 10:41:51

you need to get your mail redirect set up TODAY - get to the post office.

you also need to tell your car insurers and give them the moving date.

notifying companies, banks etc is not 'lol' it is essential. Make a list and start it as soon as you move. That's where the redirect comes in.

remember to take meter readings at both places on the day.

SWFARMER Thu 20-Aug-15 12:11:12

I don't need to redirect as I'm 20 years old and current live with my parents who live 2 roads in front of me. I care for my nan who also lives with them so I will be in and out of there all the time. I will notify banks etc and if I get any other mail then I'll notify them as it comes.

VicklePickle Thu 20-Aug-15 14:47:57

Drivers licence?

SWFARMER Thu 20-Aug-15 15:58:29

Yep it's on my list. Thanks :-)

specialsubject Thu 20-Aug-15 16:11:16

so now we know.

you're welcome.

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