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New house problems

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RattusRattus Tue 18-Aug-15 07:31:35

We bought a new house in June - new build, everything brand new. It is a large house which has 5 bathrooms. Of these bathrooms only one is in full working order. One leaks really, really badly, two others flood when you have a shower and the fourth shower has a dodgy thermostat so you just scald yourself.

How long is it reasonable of me to wait until I get arsey with the builders?

Also, is it true that after a certain period of time I can get my own plumbers in to solve the problem and pass the cost onto the builder / developer? If so, can anyone tell me how long that period of time is?

Roseandbee Tue 18-Aug-15 10:34:37

Oh dear, I had a new build with Bellway and they were always very quick to fix the snags, altho we didn't have anything that major and they were building other properties around us so always on site.
I think getting arsey straight away isn't unreasonable as they shouldn't have even let you move into it with those kind of problems & the dodgy thermostat is dangerous

Pipbin Tue 18-Aug-15 10:41:23

If you had bought anything else and it was failing on this level then you would be complaining loudly.
Get in touch now. You will have paid good money for this house and expecting it to work is not too much to ask.

Indiedog Tue 18-Aug-15 10:47:50

Absolutely get arsey, now. I would also ring your local council building inspectors and inform them of the issues, and they can probably offer advice.
They should not let you move in with such big issues, what else might be underlying. Plus leaking you can see, what if there is leaking you can't see.
As previous post said, if you'd bought a microwave, a car, computer, anything, would you wait to take it back!? Nope, you have certain length of time to get things sorted, and I think hats the same with new builds. Crack on.

Five bathrooms and only one works fully, not great.
Give me a house that has stood the test of time any day.

Get on their case now, and get phoning the council.
Good luck

TheUnwillingNarcheska Tue 18-Aug-15 10:49:08

Are the sales people still on site and have the builders finished now?

I would be in the sales office making a fuss or if you can't do that then I would be constantly hounding whoever is responsible for after sales care.

There is clearly a plumbing issue and I would be asking them to check all the plumbing work that was assigned to that particular plumber/team. I would be worried about your kitchen if that is the standard of work in the bathrooms.

ozzia Tue 18-Aug-15 10:55:54

Get arsey now, get them to book in a date when someone will come assess the problem. I never waited more than two weeks from complaint to visit and we had some interesting issues (they had wired the control panel so that when we thought we were putting heating on it was putting hot water on and vice versa so the house was boiling but there was no hot water for example!)

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