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Has anyone achieved (or tried!) planning permission for a completely new build?

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AboutDunn Sat 15-Aug-15 18:56:20

Has anyone done this - achieved planning permission on land with no prior consent? If so would you mind sharing any experience - good or bad?

Rosings25 Sat 15-Aug-15 20:38:42

We have planning permission and building warrant for sub division of garden ground. Even though we had consulted with the council and ticked all the boxes there were objections which dragged the process by 2 months. The plans were drawn up by July last year and we are still waiting for the third builder to enter their quote. Both the quotes so far are well over budget. I have been clear since the outset the limits on cash so compromises will have to be made on all sides if it is to go ahead. We will need a build mortgage. The QS and engineer have dragged the process.

The nearest set of neighbours is not speaking to us and has caste up our approval as setting a precedent for an application of no merit in a nearby street. Thankfully the application was withdrawn so there was not a neighborhood battle.

My internet habit has got out of hand.

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