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Building regularisation certificate

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spydie Fri 14-Aug-15 15:36:41

We are buying an old (approx 250 years old) cottage, we have exchanged so there is no going back now!!

We intend to be there for a long time, and so have decided to take the risk on the fact that it has a loft conversion with no building regs cert. The price was also reflective and thus allowed us to take this risk. Of course, selling in the future might be an issue so we would like to rectify.

Our survey was very positive about the house generally, and the only issue with the loft that was thrown up was regarding the lack of fire door and to have the fire wall double checked that it extended the full length of one wall, which we intend to do/rectify anyway.

Our local council can issue regularisation certificates, and will assess the work against the regs that were in force at the time (we believe it was done in the early 1990's).

One thing of concern for me is the staircase - this is a proper chocolate box cottage, with cottage proportions - low ceilings, and low staircases - and I am pretty certain that the head height of the staircase to the loft conversion will be less than current regs require (although I don't know what the old requirements were, maybe they were less!) - even the main staircase is low though.

An indemnity policy has been put in place by our vender, which we get is only helpful for any enforcement action by the council. We plan to get in a structural engineer and to rip up the floor/wall coverings to fully assess it before going down the BC route, appreciating we will need to spend money doing so, but wanting to be sure of what we might need to do before we tip them off!

Has anyone gone down this route and has any experiences of obtaining regularisation certificates? Particular in an old building/cottage? Or any words of wisdom?

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