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How is South Woodford as a place to bring up a family?

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JaneF37 Thu 13-Aug-15 20:37:56

I am pregnant and my husband and I are considering moving to South Woodford. How is it as a place to bring up a family?

Raspberriesandcream Mon 17-Aug-15 20:04:19

Where about's do you live now? I have mixed views. We lived in central London before moving here. I know lots of people with families who love the area, but I find it a little too suburban at times and miss having nice parks that are in walking distance. On the plus side the area is very safe and everyone is very friendly. We count many of our neighbours as our friends which I think is pretty unusual for London. There are quite a few baby groups on and schools here are good, but state spaces are over subscribed. There are quite a few independent options if that's something you may want to consider.
Hope that helps.

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