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Where to get a gas log stack like this?

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Wafflesnaffler Thu 13-Aug-15 18:04:26

I know nothing about the ins and out of gas fires. I've researched online but the knowledge doesn't seem to be sinking in, I'm just more and more confused.

What I would like, in the fool-proof language I understand, is:

- a really realistic looking stack of logs
- which burn gas
- have realistic firey-coloured flames darting among them
- which sit in a big square hole in a faux chimney breast
- which let all the deadly fumes or whatever out of the house by some method other than a made-out-of-bricks chimney.

I'm not looking for a logs+fire surround combo (the kind you see all in one piece at B&Q), nor a faux woodburning stove, nor any system which doesn't let the deadly fumes out but claims that'll be ok. This will be going in a yet-to-be-built extension, and I don't want to build a brick chimney because I believe that will be expensive and avoidable. I've researched all about flues at Stovefittersmanual, but still don't know if that kind of flue is what's used for this stack-of-logs scenario.

This is really what I'd like: (pic is near bottom of page)

but they are both in America and I don't even know enough about how we do things here, nevermind whether the US way would be compatible or hackable.

So I just want somewhere who will sell to me the aforementioned beautiful stack of logs and all the peripheral technical stuff needed to make it all work, whatever that may be!

I'd like to find a supplier of the logs I like before attempting to get any quotes for getting them fitted.

Anyone know where to get these realistic logs in the UK please?!

wowfudge Thu 13-Aug-15 18:21:51

Just had a look at the techy but behind the stack in your first link and that looks exactly like a living flame gas fire assembly with 'logs' instead of fake coals. I would just have a look for realistic living flame gas fires. You will need a flue because of the gas. Be aware that this sort of fire might look great, but they are more decorative than anything and don't give out a lot of heat.

Wafflesnaffler Sat 15-Aug-15 10:55:34

Thank you wowfudge, that's really helpful to know. I'll look at those. Much appreciated smile

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