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Glass balustrade on balcony.

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EarSlaps Wed 12-Aug-15 13:15:33

We've just moved into a new house with a balcony. It currently has wrought iron around with a big gap at the bottom my skinny children could fit through, and it's rather ugly. We're thinking of updating the house a bit, so thought a glass balustrade would look more contemporary and block the beautiful view a bit less.

The balcony is 2.4m x 5.something metres I think, so it's a big job!

Has anyone had a glass balustrade fitted and have any advice? I'm not quite sure where to go for getting someone in! How would it be fixed in? Top fix or side? The balcony is on a flat roof over a room (converted from a garage) and a porch that is an extension. They got a structural engineer to confirm it was safe for use as a balcony (we have copies of all the technical calculations that make no sense to me).

If anyone has any recommendations for nationwide or Bristol based companies I'd be really grateful.

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