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Eltham /Kidbrooke

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cakecake11 Tue 11-Aug-15 21:37:48


DH and I have been looking at Eltham/New Eltham and Kidbrooke to buy a house as we have been priced out of Forest Hill/Lee/Hither Green.

Could anybody please advise on what they feel the area is like to raise a young family and is it safe? Which are the nicest parts to live in?

I am also concerned about comments that I've read online about racism still being an issue. I am of Middle Eastern origin (I am British and born here but def look foreign) and am concerned it might be an issue. Would love to hear your opinions on the area, are you happy there, which are the nice areas and is it a good place to start a family?

Thank you in advance!

Ratherworriedmum Tue 11-Aug-15 22:10:11

I grew up in New Eltham and still have family in the area. I remember it as uncomfortably racist twenty years ago, but to visit it feels more mixed. I had a very happy childhood on what was The Beaver Housing Development; Keightly Drive, Beaverbank Road and Oakley Drive. 1960s and 70s houses, many now privately owned. I gather parking is an issue these days.

cakecake11 Wed 12-Aug-15 00:34:16

Thank you for sharing your experience Ratherworriedmum. My experience of Eltham (near the High St) is that the area is quite mixed but I have only visited twice for viewings. Thanks again!

whatsagoodusername Wed 12-Aug-15 10:49:19

I'm in New Eltham, near Fiveways. We moved here almost two years ago from Tower Hamlets.

I've always felt safe. We have two DC, aged 3 and 4. There are lots of kids about. People have seemed friendly. I haven't noticed any racism but am MC white so may have just not experienced it but the area is certainly much whiter than Tower Hamlets was. However, on my bit of street (maybe 10 houses), there are two Asian families, one black family and one Chinese. My DC go to the nursery at Mottingham Primary and there were some Asian, some black, some mixed race, some other-European, and about half white British.

We like it here. The schools in the Eltham area all seem pretty good. There are lots of parks. I like the High Street and commuting from New Eltham to central London is easy.

I think that the Progress Estate area of Eltham tends to be whiter than the area heading towards New Eltham and Mottingham. We looked over there first and DH especially was very struck by how white it was - but he had been in Tower Hamlets five or so years and grew up in Wembley so was very used to an Asian majority.

cakecake11 Wed 12-Aug-15 15:15:30

Thanks for your reply @whatsagoodusername. That's great to hear that you have people from all ethnicities living in the area without a problem. We were looking at the Progress Estate as well. I don't mind being in the minority, so long as the neighbours are alright with it!

Would you say that New Elham is nicer/safer than Eltham (possible racism aside)? It feels really strange tbh to have to even consider racism as an issue in London and I feel so English that it just seems ridiculous to ask!

I believe that New Eltham - central London connections are slightly better that Eltham-London, though I might be mistaken.

PollyPops1 Mon 18-Apr-16 10:44:31

Hi @cakecake11,
i know this thread hasn't been posted on in awhile but thought i would really love to hear some updates from you and your experiences of Eltham. Did you buy there in the end and what do you think of it?

We're also looking to buy between Eltham and Kidbrooke (ideally we wanted the Progress Estate too but just nothing seems to have come on the market in awhile and in the meantime we have found a great house that we have put an offer on). I'm happy at the idea of a house (a house!) but i feel very nervous and hesitant as, aside from weekend visits for house viewings, i dont know anything about Eltham nor anyone that lives there.

We have a DD 1.5yo and are trying for another. Im really worried about the safety (i've lived in the beautiful, safe and transport-haven area of Herne Hill for nigh on 15 years now), getting around (i dont drive) and having enough to do.

My impressions of the place had been really positive so far. However, this morning i opened up and now feel an ache in the pit of my stomach. i know all stats should be taken with a grain of salt, but it has certainly made me very eager to hear from someone living and raising a family there. I hope you don't mind, apologies for my lengthy ramble.

Thanks in advance

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