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Can you/would you do a half side return?

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DelBoyImNot Mon 10-Aug-15 09:52:34

In process of buying a Victorian semi with standard ground floor layout - two rooms at front and a narrowish kitchen at back.

Side return hasn't been built on but I don't think we can afford to.fully extend to side and also I quite like having some extra outside space by the kitchen. But would like a way to connect kitchen and back reception room, also a bit more space in that area.

So was wondering about extending out half way up the side return, the sink is currently under a windows just over half way up the side wall so would make the kitchen wider up to there and knock into back room so make a sort of interlocking open plan space.

Does that sound feasible and advisable? In 7 ish years when we try to sell will everyone pass because side return is only half done?

EldonAve Mon 10-Aug-15 14:16:58

Price wise it won't be any cheaper to just do half

DelBoyImNot Mon 10-Aug-15 16:06:58

Oh rubbish, I had hoped since less sq m it would cost a bit less ( was thinking like 2/3 cost of the full side assuming some.costs.will be the same.however big it is.).

Ah well, probably out of the budget then, but was fun doodling my plans while it lasted smile

FruSirkaOla Mon 10-Aug-15 19:06:07

I suspect it would cost you marginally less to do a half-side-return extension than it would cost you to do a full one. After all, you will only be knocking through half of the kitchen wall, not the entire side of the kitchen wall - and this implies that you might not be demolishing your kitchen in the process.

But I'd recommend talking to a builder to get a 'guesstimate' between the two concepts.

I have actually seen a half extension such as you're describing - or IIRC it was a third. It worked well and the owners used the 'mid-room' as a small study/office area but which gave an extra flow between the kitchen and the rear reception room. I thought it gave the house a bit more character, without losing all of the garden bit down the side return.

FruSirkaOla Mon 10-Aug-15 19:15:26

Sorry, forgot to add that it might be a false economy though.

DelBoyImNot Mon 10-Aug-15 19:23:27

Why a false economy FruSirka? Because it might be more expensive per sq m even though cheaper overall?

We would be putting in a new kitchen anyway as current one is old and we'll be removing a shower from downstairs to change kitchen layout.

dontcallmelen Mon 10-Aug-15 19:30:10

Hi OP we want too do the same, as our kitchen end is lovely doesn't need refurbishing, overlooks a very pretty patio area, which is set back from the grassed area, so is lovely & private, we want to put French doors where the dining room window is now, so that you could access the kitchen from dining room, as well as access from the hall, & widen out the dining part of the kitchen with pitched roof/velux & possibly bi-fold doors onto the patio area, we having problems finding anyone to do it, as most builders want the larger jobs of side/wraparound extension , also as pp say not that much cheaper build, but definitely cheaper re fit-out as no units etc required.
Would definitely get some quotes.

FruSirkaOla Mon 10-Aug-15 20:15:52

Apologies, I didn't elaborate.

You say you might be selling in 7 years time (ish). So you're looking at something a little short-term (in property terms). Full side return extensions are popular, have been popular and may well still be deemed popular in 7 years time.

So it's possible that, although a 'short' side return extension will suit you very well; when you come to sell you'll probably end up with your house being valued less than similar houses which have full extensions.

But it's something none of us know - what the property market will be like in 7 years time.

Going with my heart, I would say go with what you want to do now to suit your lifestyle. And also, within your budget.

As I said, I've seen one like this - and I loved it!

DelBoyImNot Mon 10-Aug-15 22:26:51

FruSirka that's almost exactly my position too - I wonder what a short extension would do the value, but my gut is usually to go with what works for us since 7 years is long enough for our own lifestyle in that house to count as well as re-sell value. But having had recent experience of struggling to sell a property becauseit has one obvious downside (in this case its ona main road) I am nervous of struggling to sell something which people see as odd.

Anyway it's all theoretcial until we have the survey and work out what else might need doing that would eat up potential budgets for fancy kitchens.

Dontcallmelen, interesting that builders aren't keen - I guess it carries many similar risks to a full one but without the extra money. We'dprobably be doing a fairly major rejig of downstairs if we did this so they would have various other bits to make it worth their while perhaps. Hope you find someone who'll work with you and you get the lively kitchen you're hoping for

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