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Moving to Aylesbury?

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Dina1234 Sat 08-Aug-15 21:28:31

We're currently looking to move to a bigger house far far away from where we live but within a reasonable commute to london. Aylesbury came up as a stop for consideration. We're specifically looking for new builds were we can get a four bed for around £400 k (tight budget for many places I know). Specifically we just want something that isn't unbearably depressing and within driving distance of some good schools which Aylesbury seems to be. Ideally a semi decent hospital would also be desirable as I'm expecting number two (but that's a lot to ask from the NHS I know). Catchments etc. are completely unimportant (I've noticed a few people have noted this as an important factor is Aylesbury). Any advice?

CountingToThree Sun 09-Aug-15 08:05:44

Aylesbury is growing fast so should be plenty to choose from. The stations for London are on the sourhside - near Bedgrove, Stoke grange, Elm farm (Aylesbury parkway is just out of town on berryfields development).

Stoke Mandeville hospital is fine, has a midwife unit too. As with all hospitals, it can get busy with staff being overstretched.

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