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Jamesr1501 Sat 08-Aug-15 00:32:04

Hi All. I am new to 'Mumsnet' and yes I am a young guy in his twenties... But mumsnet I hear is not just for mums or women indeed despite the name.

I am in a position now, as where since 2011 I have lived in a rental 1 bedroom maindoor flat in a lovely area of my hometown, Edinburgh, then a 2-Bedroom flat until I sold it earlier this year, I am now looking for a new property and have been looking in one/two areas in particular for either a house or a flat (2 Bedrooms).

Now, I am asking you guys for some advice or tips or similar, as to which property would be best for me. Now I know there will be some folk who would like an insight into my search, or something like that so here goes (without the personal details of course)...

I am looking for a new home where I want to live in for more than 18 months to two years as I have with the other two properties. With this new home I would love to have a small garden/outdoor space for me to be able to enjoy the outdoors (and despite the scottish weather, dry my washing outside maybe?), have decent space for storing all sorts of things (Christmas Decorations, and the other stuff you gather over time). I would love to have somewhere where I won't have two much issues with neighbours as I have had before, including noise, and I want somewhere I will get some peace, and be able to enjoy for years and entertain friends and family. With regards to future and regards to kids thats not really on my mind right now or in the search so we will leave that out for now, I want to be able to see myself there happily for some years (3-5+) and to call it home and would love for it to have easy parking for either myself if I decide to get driving, or family/friends.

So I hope the insight gives you some information behind my search, and I really hope you can help where you can.. Thanks Guys! J

Jamesr1501 Sat 08-Aug-15 00:44:22

Heres something to add on to my original message. I get quite worried about things when I read the home report and see the 2s and 3s (1 being no immediate worries or work required, 2 being work may be advised and 3 being work required (or very very soon), and when I see that it can put me off. The reason it may do that is as I am currently unemployed and looking to if my job search is impossible and does not get anywhere to maybe think to start something of my own from home. The thing there is I know flats can be cheaper than homes (despite 'Factor Fees') and if I buy a House I know what I spend on things instead of paying £££ a month or however often and not see anything for that money for months or years (even the communal cleaning!). So yes the Home Report can concern me, and thats one thing on my mind.

My mum, dad and grandparents want me to find somewhere I love, and can stay in for a few years as already I have moved 3-4 times in the short space of 4 years (the fourth is moving furniture to storage and myself and my laptop to my mums for the time being). I do not want to move more than one more time in the next two years so this is rather important to find the right place.

I feel I would prefer a home as it gives me privacy, more peace and quiet (to a point), an outdoor space outside in the front or rear, or both, of the property and also hopefully some good amount of storage space and nice sized rooms, and hopefully better parking opportunity for visitors.

Spickle Sat 08-Aug-15 10:10:08

Do you want help finding a property? If so, we would need to know what areas you prefer (I'm presuming you want to stay in the Edinburgh area, though you don't actually say so), and your budget. Are you buying or renting? It's a bit difficult to pin-point the ideal property otherwise.

Jamesr1501 Sat 08-Aug-15 12:09:15

I'm not asking for exact help but some tips as others may have received in the other threads about whether to buy a house or flat. Not sure how it's been read to mean I'm needing help finding a property as I did not mean it to say that. I don't wish (at this time) to tell anyone my budget. Also I am in a position to buy not rent in areas of Edinburgh like Stockbridge, Murrayfield and West End/Roseburn.

Jamesr1501 Sat 08-Aug-15 12:12:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rumred Sat 08-Aug-15 12:33:58

Do what we all do- know your budget and go and look at lots of houses and flats, keeping notes on each. Then you work out what's essential or not for you personally.

Jamesr1501 Sat 08-Aug-15 12:53:22

I was hoping to get a response or tips or advice like I've seen on similar threads where people help the OP to decide what's best for them or what they think he or she should go towards in terms of House vs Flat (if you like). There's several posts like that where posters say what they feel would benefit the OP.

I know what I'd like more or less and one or two things are in my original post

pressanykeytobegin Sat 08-Aug-15 13:21:51

Butnhowncan anyone say whether a house not flat is better when they dont know the area or budget so they can't say the advantages or disadvantages to either?

And how are you going to buy anyway if you're unemployed?

Spickle Sat 08-Aug-15 13:49:56

Ah ok, so you don't want help finding a house/flat but you would like opinions on whether you should be looking at houses or flats?

Personally I would go for a house every time, but then I'm not you. Less problems with a freehold property i.e. because you own the whole plot rather than have a lease on a flat which you have to adhere to, for instance no hard flooring unless a ground floor flat, restrictive covenants over communal areas, contributions to service charges and major works, possibly having to extend the lease if it falls below 75 years, noise disturbance from all directions, no garden (but possibly communal areas). But budget constraints may limit what is available to you. Parking would be easier if you buy a house with driveway rather than an allocated space with a flat (unless there is plenty of visitor parking).

I guess you will have to draw up a list of pros and cons each for a house and a flat, work out your wants/needs and budget and look on rightmove to see what you can afford.

Jamesr1501 Sat 08-Aug-15 14:32:07

@Pressanykeytobegin. My father bought me a flat (very kindly and it was an agreement (I heard) in my parents divorce) where I lived previously before selling it (with his help). The money I got from the sale will cover the purchase and legal fees etc.

@Spickle. Thanks for your advice.
I guess at this time I don't feel comfortable sharing information about budget, but if there are people (and you are willing) who would help. I am looking in the Murrayfield, West End and Roseburn, Stockbridge/New Town Areas of Edinburgh with a maximum budget of £232,500 with £2,500 of that being set aside for the legal fees and other things to do with buying a new property in Scotland.

I will have a go at drawing a list of what is essential to me, as I pretty much have a few Pros and Cons of houses and flats... one of the cons being noise.

Thanks though for your help, Much appreciated Spickle.

pinkje Sat 08-Aug-15 14:39:14

If you want easy parking for visitors does that mean you are ruling out areas with on-street resident parking? That discounts quite a lot of the nicer west end addresses (the Circus, Stockbridge). I'm not currently in Edinburgh and without knowing your budget I'd say Comely Bank or Craigleith or somewhere near Fettes might suit you.

You could look for a main door tenement flat as they would have good re-sale values, have big rooms and your own front door.

Jamesr1501 Sat 08-Aug-15 14:56:14

Hey Pinkje.
I am not ruling out anything as I am looking at all sorts of properties with on-street parking and/or other parking situations. I am looking to try and see what I can get in Stockbridge/Craigleith/Murrayfield. My last property felt rather cut off from shops, bars and cafes and it was close to Fettes College/Ferry Road (one of the new builds).

My rental was a 1-Bed maindoor flat in Stockbridge but it didnt come without the constant stream of traffic and noise outside the bedroom, lounge windows and down the side of the kitchen. Stockbridge is one of the roads used by the emergency services regularly (and other traffic) to avoid the bustle of Ferry Road and other roads in the city so can get extremely busy.

Spickle Sat 08-Aug-15 17:51:08

I don't know Edinburgh so can't really help although a quick google of the areas you mention would suggest that flats might be the only option here, but there does seem to be plenty of houses within your budget but you would have to go further out. So, make a list of wants/needs versus proximity to your desired areas, nearby shops and how long and how easy to get to places by public transport and/or car.

Jamesr1501 Sat 08-Aug-15 21:17:29

Hey Spickle. Thanks for your help.
In the area I used to live in (Murrayfield/Roseburn) there were a few houses on the market (small homes) around my budget and there are a few colony homes. I have setup alerts for certain other areas I am thinking of but I am looking mainly in Stockbridge/Comely Bank, Murrayfield/Roseburn/West End to see whats available. I've been surprised (although not many) at the number of houses that have come up. But yes I will keep a small list of areas and see what comes up and keep my kist of wants and needs too smile


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