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What would you do with this window? Pictures included!

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GlitteringJasper Thu 06-Aug-15 21:25:46

We are putting shutters through the rest of the house as I love the look they give.

Our living area of kitchen has a big window (pictured) and although the view isn't spectacular, I like looking across the fields. I'm not sure shutters would be the right thing as they do restrict the view.

What can I do with these windows? Not keen on curtains, but worry blinds only would look a bit flat. I'm worried about the L shape of the window and how blinds would fit in!

Have included second picture to show you the fields that I have to see across!!

wowfudge Fri 07-Aug-15 00:02:23

Not shutters. What about Roman blinds? You have the space above the windows to set the blinds outside the window recesses and they'd clear the sills so they wouldn't overhang much of the windows when open.

Or you could set them inside the window recesses, but you would lose some light the depth of a fold at the top.

echt Fri 07-Aug-15 05:22:16

Do the window frames have enough depth to inset blinds? I have a corner window that has very thin blinds, not we use the blinds but they take up less space when rolled up.

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