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Mansard roof flat - a bad idea?

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fursitet Thu 06-Aug-15 12:12:09

Dear community,

Please help!!!

I am considering buying an apartment on the top floor inside the flat-top mansard roof of a Victorian mansion block. (the link to building photo is below).

It has timber frame walls and EPC E 40 with improvement potential to D 56.

It's a very expensive purchase overall but some 25% discount to "normal" flats in that building.

Will we be freezing living there even after changing the windows and boiler/radiators/termostat, etc. and/or have astronomic heating bills? (It's >1,000sq.ft.)

The internal wall insulation firms said that one can not insulate timber frame walls.

Please advise if I should just forget about it or what can be done to make it a comfortable home for family with small child.

Many thanks!!!

bilbodog Thu 06-Aug-15 13:06:41

me and DH lived in his top floor flat years ago and it was very cold despite good radiators and new windows being put in - I would worry it will be cold. Can you speak to anyone in the block, or next door that lives in similar area and see what they say?

PigletJohn Thu 06-Aug-15 14:46:58

I'd be reluctant to spend that much on a Mansard flat. The floor plan suggests it is a strange shape and I don't know how many cold external walls there will be, but the roof may also be badly insulated with not much space.

I presume the price means it is in walking distance of an important local amenity but population patterns may change.

Epilepsyhelp Thu 06-Aug-15 14:49:28

I think it's gorgeous!! You'll benefit from the heat of the flats below I should think?

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