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Decorator taking the piss

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Firsttimer7259 Thu 06-Aug-15 11:23:45

I'm getting a flat painted. It needed to be lqst minute so had to get decorator without recommendations etc as needed someone available at short notice. Anyway work that was supposed to be done last week with weekend to finish up if running late is still looking far from complete today. I keep getting strung along being told it will he done next day, day after despite asking for realistic estimate for when it will be done.

Getting someone else to finish the job will just take even longer. What,can I do to hurry this along or even just get a working idea of completion so I can make arrangements??? Is there a trade body for lodging complaints, can I withhold fee? The latter seems v dodgy but I'm really annoyed and feel I've got no leverage to make this guy do what he said he would

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 06-Aug-15 11:29:50

See my post oh 'how should we handle this?' As it applies to you too !
Hope you can get it sorted ! smile

Firsttimer7259 Thu 06-Aug-15 16:19:59

Thank you so much v helpful.
What did I do before.mumsnet?!

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