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How to negotiate private sale?

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Slowlybutsurely Wed 05-Aug-15 20:32:59

Help, husband and I have viewed a house that will shortly be going on market but isn't yet. Owners willing to sell privately- saving estate agents fees. House is lovely but needs updating- kitchens, bathrooms- although is perfectly livable in! However, judging by recent sold prices of other houses on street, some with more bedrooms or bigger gardens, they are going to by asking a little too much (other houses 20-25k cheaper). Scared of negotiating and causing offence, especially as we will be dealing directly with them! Any advice?

WhatKatyDidnt Wed 05-Aug-15 22:05:14

Make them a friendly offer at the level you're happy with. Don't try too hard to get a bargain - be realistic.

If they don't like it then they'll go to the market. IME it's quite likely they'll do that anyway - people are generally curious about the "true" worth. Remain on friendly terms and you may well find the ball back in your court.

ixos Thu 06-Aug-15 07:27:10

Good advice from whatkatydid. Unless you offer them what what they want I can't imagine they will agree to a private sale at this point. We bought a house privately and we offered them what they asked for less agency fees. However we thought it was worth that amount.

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