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What would you offer on this house

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lollipoppi Wed 05-Aug-15 18:04:51

I absolutely love this house, well actually I love what it could become.
However, it needs a ton of work, I'm really worried about what would come up on the surveys.
It's got a lot of damp, and I would imagine it would need re-wiring
It's already been reduced by 30k and has been on the market for over 6 months

We would be moving in with 2 children aged 2&4

What are your thoughts?

RainbowRoses Wed 05-Aug-15 18:06:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

antimatter Wed 05-Aug-15 18:07:36

I would ask a trustworthy builder to give me approximate cost for work and add 20% to it and see if I can afford asking price + that.

If not - I would try to negotiate new, lower price.

LoveVintage Wed 05-Aug-15 18:12:03

That is a beautiful house with so much potential. I laughed out loud at the bathroom!

Yes, you need to get some postings so you can make an informed decision on what your opening offer will be and your reasoning behind arriving at your figure.

thehumanjam Wed 05-Aug-15 18:12:54

It has got a lot of potential. I agree with the suggestion about getting a builder to accompany you. If it's been on the market for 6 months I think you could go in with a low offer. In my neck of the woods property is still selling within days to weeks.

What is going on with that bath? I can't get my head around it confused.

Bearbehind Wed 05-Aug-15 18:17:17

You can only offer what you can afford so your best bet is work out how much it will cost to renovate, add on how much you need for a deposit and moving costs and what mortgage you can get and see where that leaves you.

Probably then start at about £10k under your maximum offer and see what they say - If it's been reduced by £30k the work required sounds like it's been factored into the selling price.

lollipoppi Wed 05-Aug-15 18:18:53

grin The bathroom is, well, retro. Possibly the oddest bath I've ever seen, and carpeted floor confused
We would swap the bathroom and bedroom 3 with each other as the bathroom is huge

beachyhead Wed 05-Aug-15 18:29:48

That bath is something else! I can't work out if it accommodates one big person with two small people either side or one person who can choose one of three ways to sit smile

VulcanWoman Wed 05-Aug-15 19:14:31

Fantastic house, loads of potential, that bath is truly unique! Sorry I don't know the area so wouldn't like to guess at the price. Good idea about moving 3rd bedroom and bathroom. Is it possible to knock down kitchen and dining room wall? Mind you theres a chimney breast.

Hopefully Wed 05-Aug-15 19:34:41

Great house! And shockgrin at the bath. It looks like a second GIANT toilet.

MehsMum Wed 05-Aug-15 19:43:59

That bathroom is a larf and a half! And yes, I thought it looked bigger than bed 3 and would swap them over too.

Seriously, if you haven't already, if you get an offer accepted, make it very clear that it is subject to survey: that way, they will pretty much obliged to tell you then if the work needed has already been factored into the price.

Then get a surveyor in to do a full structural (a nice surveyor might agree to just do you a list of what needs doing, rather than insisting you have it all nicely typed up which will cost more). Then go round with the surveyor and a builder and get a quote for the work.

Then go back to the vendor and bargain hard.

united4ever Wed 05-Aug-15 20:00:22

Looks great that....could be a dream home I agree. 250 sounds like an obvious starting point if nothing major comes up but if you get a builder who finds loads than knock down your starting bid accordingly.

VulcanWoman Wed 05-Aug-15 20:56:24

What is the wooden panelling to the right in the small bedroom.

lollipoppi Wed 05-Aug-15 21:02:43

I'm seriously considering keeping the bath just for comedy value wink I've never seen anything like it

Chimney breasts on both sides of the house, long term plan is to convert the building on the back of the house which is currently outdoor store rooms and toilet into an extended kitchen and diner

Love love love this house, so much potential, we're going for a 2nd viewing on Friday so il make some calls tomorrow and see if I can get a builder to view with us

Agrestic Wed 05-Aug-15 21:08:33

I actually love that bathroom suit grin

Send it my way after you've ripped it out?

Fingers crossed for you op, that place could be amazing.

Jux Wed 05-Aug-15 21:44:13

I love that house too. I hope you are very happy in it! (I'll never persuade dh to move.)

lollipoppi Wed 05-Aug-15 21:52:54

Sorry Vulcan I missed your post, it's very odd wardrobe space ...... That would be ripped out

Your more than welcome to the bathroom suite grin

Donatellalymanmoss Wed 05-Aug-15 21:54:00

The bath definitely needs preserving in some way, if only by way of donation to some kind of interior design museum.

Definitely a good idea to take a contractor round for an idea of how much what you want to do might cost. I would also make a lower offer than you expect to have to pay. I work on the principle that if your first offer isn't rejected then you won't know if you've over paid.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Wed 05-Aug-15 22:04:01

OMG at that bathroom. The décor and furniture remind me of my PILS house which we have just sold.

Seriously, hell of a lot of work and your kids are very young. Would you be able to afford to have the work done s or would you be doing it yourselves

PlainHunting Thu 06-Aug-15 07:18:56

£249,999 would be a fair price. I might be tempted to offer below that send see what happens.

Although it needs work I think the price reflects that to some extent.

SaltySeaBird Thu 06-Aug-15 07:23:37

Wow I wish I could get something like that with so much potential for a similar price where I live. Go for it but bargain hard - you can always increase your offer if they turn the first one down.

lollipoppi Thu 06-Aug-15 08:27:21

Amothers we could afford it if we went in at 250k, if we got it for that we could do the main bulk of the work, bathroom, decorating, plastering ect, and the kitchen extension could be done next year.
However, I am taking into account that The house would need re-pointing to sort out the damp on the walls, but if anything else major came up on the surveys it would eat into that budget.

Finola1step Thu 06-Aug-15 08:37:15

That's a good chunk of house. I have no idea on property prices in the area. Have a look on Zoopla to see what other houses on the road have sold for and go from there (adjusting accordingly for work needed).

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