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Water under the washing machine

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Behooven Sun 02-Aug-15 11:00:30

The pipe connectors are dry. The machine is less than a year old. In the filter were 3 of those collar stiffener things from dh's shirts, nothing else - could that have caused it?

DurhamDurham Sun 02-Aug-15 11:02:45

Now that you have cleared the filters it might be worth trying again.......get some old towels ready just incase. Our washing machine has played up a few times and each time emptying the filters did the trick. Good luck smile

OnGoldenPond Sun 02-Aug-15 11:25:47

If the machine is less than one year old it should still be under guarantee? If so you should be able to get a free repair.

If it still leaks after clearing out the filters call the manufacturer and get an engineer out.

Behooven Sun 02-Aug-15 11:42:55

I've put it on for a try, fingers crossed!

PigletJohn Sun 02-Aug-15 11:43:45

You could pull it out and lean it back against the wall, look underneath for any signs of water. If you put a sheet of newspaper under it, any drips will show up about where they are coming from. It may be interesting to know if it leaks while filling, or washing, or pumping out, or when left unattended.

Have you looked at where the hoses screw into the back of the machine?

Behooven Sun 02-Aug-15 19:31:46

Well, good news thankfully seems to be ok. Note to self to remove the collar stiffeners before washing from now on.

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