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homemaker - joint/sole mortgage?

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itdc Sat 01-Aug-15 20:00:41

in the progress of getting an mortgage, i am currently the homemaker with 2DCs (age 3/5), DH is the breadwinner at the moment, and I don't see I will be returning to work in the near future. Is it make sense for my DH to apply a sold mortgage or put my name in as well as joint mortgage?

According to their system, sole mortgage + 3 dependents will be able to borrow slightly higher than joint mortgage (1 with zero income) + 2 dependents, also sole mortgage seems to be simpler as it does not need to assess my credit situations or accounts etc.

We are applying through HSBC and it allows sole mortgage application with joint owners in the deed. But it charges only on the sole mortgage applicant.

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