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Renting in Ipswich

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shutupanddancewithme Sat 01-Aug-15 00:46:18

I have just got my first job after uni and I'm moving to Ipswich grin. I'm Northern though and apart from my interview have never set foot in Suffolk before so I'm a bit lost.

I am going to have about £600pcm for rent and am living on my own so looking for 1-2 bedrooms What would be the best area(s) to look?

Thanks for any help

123rd Sat 01-Aug-15 10:12:19

Hi. Is the job in town? Or on the outskirts? There are big housing developments in grange farm/ martlesham if you were going to be working at adastral park for eg.
Or down on the newly developed quayside. But that more flats as opposed to houses.
What do you need to be near?

shutupanddancewithme Sat 01-Aug-15 12:27:29

Hi 123rd, thanks for replying. I'm going to be working on the outskirts, round the Sproughton/Copdock area which I think is on the south edge?

I do drive though and certainly wouldn't mind a 20-30 min commute to work. If I did go further into Ipswich what is the traffic like?

Cheesymonster Sat 01-Aug-15 12:32:08

If you're working near Copdock then I'd look around the Pinewood area.

123rd Sat 01-Aug-15 13:21:49

Yes I agree with monster. Pinewood is a newish development with prob some 2 bed places. Think it has a pretty good bus service into town.
Stay off the chantry estate-v close to pinewood.

123rd Sat 01-Aug-15 13:23:14

(I family who live in sproughton. Thats a lovely little village. But I wouldn't want to be based there.

justicewomen Sat 01-Aug-15 13:28:48

What are your needs? If it a a social life then look at flats in the Waterfront area as can walk to pubs/restuarants. If need a garden then maybe a small house in East Ipswich, within walking distance of town. Grange Farm and Pinewood are primarily family orientated places and not a lot of singles.

vienaa Sat 01-Aug-15 13:33:45

I am on the East side, I work at copdock and all I do is take the A14 over the bridge so I don't need to go in town, I would never live round the Chantry area to its a bit rough

shutupanddancewithme Sat 01-Aug-15 15:36:09

Thank you, I will have a look a Pinewood, Grange Farm, East Ipswich. Thanks for telling me to avoid Chantry

I am a bit flexible with what I'm looking for outside of 2 bedrooms and £500-£650 pcm. I would consider more central, provided there was parking and I could get to work easily. I'd libe in the outskirts because I'm not actually a massive party animal.

I have been looking for places with a garden because I'd love to get a dog when I've settled. Having said that on Rightmove most places seem to say no pets. I wouldn't want a garden if I couldn't have a dog.

Pipbin Sat 01-Aug-15 17:26:43

I've PMd you.

This is in a nice part of town, walkable to the town centre and close to the park.

vienaa Sat 01-Aug-15 19:31:45

Also avoid Whitton, Gainsborough also around Bramford Road and London Road area That end of town

Woodbridge road around Sigate lane is nice

you are near the waterfront and walk to town

Cheesymonster Sat 01-Aug-15 21:12:40

OP I've pm'd you too smile

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