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New owners guide?

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cujo Fri 31-Jul-15 15:07:51

So we're due to move (fingers crossed) in the next three or four weeks and I've started thinking about hand over stuff to leave for the new buyers.

Obviously they will be given the keys and the relevant manuals that we've got but what else would you have liked to have been told when you moved in to your new property?

I'm thinking neighbours/stopcock/bin day type things...

Any thoughts welcome!

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Fri 31-Jul-15 15:14:10

I do the stopcock, bin day stuff plus burglar alarm numbers, any manuals for ovens/boilers/heating systems/alarms put them all together with window keys but i don't do the neighbour thing as I think it's better for them to introduce themselves. One person's 'lovely, helpful neighbour' is another person's 'interfering busybody neighbour', so I leave them to it.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Fri 31-Jul-15 15:15:26

We always leave a 'new home' card and a bottle of wine too (obv wine can be substituted or omitted if not appropriate).

TremoloGreen Sun 02-Aug-15 01:53:57

Paint colours for touch-ups if you're not leaving the tins
A few takeaway menus for recommended places
Number of a plumber/window cleaner/ odd job man you've used

PettsWoodParadise Sun 02-Aug-15 16:57:43

I had a family move in next door and they had the practical stuff about the house from their vendors but were new to neighbourhood so I geve them a guide (with caveat it was my opinion!) about best local parks for swings, zip wire etc, which GP surgery was the best, things to do nearby on a rainy day like the local pottery painting shop and where all the twittens were for shortcuts. I also included a membership form and latest magazine from the local resident's association. They were either just being nice or they were telling the truth when they said it was a life saver as well as making them feel so much more at home more speedily. So lovely you are thinking of the new people.

Qwebec Mon 03-Aug-15 23:04:04

I would have liked to know the general maintenance of the house. For example is the outside paint oil or latex based? When we sell I'll write down the type of deck stain and the brand we used. It's a pain having to guess.

GiddyOnZackHunt Mon 03-Aug-15 23:09:49

We did a useful info and manuals collection. Bins, burglar alarm, stopcock etc. A brief guide to the garden, takeaway menus. We left the paint tons and labeled them with the room.
I kept an envelope with it all in and added things as I thought of them.

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