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Would you buy a house near a crematorium?

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newhousenewhome Fri 31-Jul-15 13:32:32

Dear mumsnetters,
I need your collective wisdom.
I have seen a couple of houses for sale which would be perfect for me and my family.

However, they are about 100 yards away from a "popular" crematorium (the Golders Green one).

I have read that living near a crematorium is as bad for your health as living near an incinerator. Also there could be problems with traffic etc.

What sort of discount would you look for compared to a house far away?

If you know the area I am talking about what do you think?

Thanks for all!

DayLillie Fri 31-Jul-15 15:35:50

Have just googled it and it looks like an amazing place!

I would have thought traffic is likely to be the biggest problems (during open hours).

Polutionwise, I live next to a dual carriageway that it likely to get bigger and noisier in the near future, and would swap that for a crematorium - they are much more regulated.

newhousenewhome Fri 31-Jul-15 15:53:04

Hi Daylillie thanks! I have not viewed it yet as I hate wasting vendors and estate agents' time. I first want to be sure that I would buy a house so close to a crematorium (and a cemetery on the other side of the road)...
Thanks again!

Sgtmajormummy Fri 31-Jul-15 15:54:41

I lived for 5 years with a cemetery/crematorium/municipal park over the back hedge. Four children and one salary meant DF had to compromise.

No bad health effects here, in fact I have wonderful memories of walking to school along the luscious green pathways, playing my recorder and the workmen shouting "'Ello Major, give us a tune!" from shoulder deep underground!

It is/was one of the poshest roads in the town (ours was a fixer upper), so I say go ahead!

MrsLeighHalfpenny Fri 31-Jul-15 15:59:11

I can't think of any reason NOT to live near a crem. The fumes will certainly be filtered, so that no noxious gases/bits of bodies get released into the atmosphere. It's much better than living near a busy road or a big airport, for example.

Cemetaries are great places, and usually very quiet, and full of wildlife. I'd have no objections to living next to a cematary either

DayLillie Fri 31-Jul-15 16:02:34

I would go and view them and hang around the area a bit to get the idea of the traffic.

Then go and visit the gardens - it seems that plenty of interesting people have been cremated there. It is a lot better than your average municipal crematorium.

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