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Abbots Langley vs Kings Langley

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IVYWILLOW22 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:16:18

Thinking of moving to this area? Does anyone know the main differences? Or have any insight on the area? I know KL has a train station but this is easily accessible from parts of Abbots too.

CrispyFB Mon 27-Jul-15 18:25:25

You can make more Game of Thrones jokes if you live in Kings Langley. Well, that's what they did last year when they changed the sign temporarily to Kings Landing!

That aside, on a personal level I'd prefer Kings Langley, mainly because there's more things you can walk to (Sainsburys etc in Apsley) and I love walking. I don't really know Abbots Langley very well but I know Kings Langley fairly well. It also strikes me as a bit more rural too from what I can tell, could be wrong though. There's a nice deli in the centre.

A bit further down the line is Boxmoor which has Hemel station really nearby - it's nothing like the rest of Hemel and is also very nice. There are more and faster trains from Hemel station than Kings Langley.

Hopefully somebody who knows a bit about both of the Langleys will be along shortly!

Iamalwayswrong Mon 27-Jul-15 18:27:08

They're both pleasant enough. I think I would plump for Kings though because of the station (Apsley?) and the bloody marvellous cafes.

toucantoucan Mon 27-Jul-15 18:34:52

Kings Langley is prettier but Abbots Langley High Street has more, and more useful, shops in my opinion, although there is a very nice pub with good food in Kings. Do you have children? If so, I would think about schools since demand for the "more highly regarded" schools is high and therefore distance from them becomes very important for admissions, especially at secondary level but also in some respects for primary. If you don't have children and don't plan to, then I would go with finding a house you love in either. And the station is slightly misleadingly named - some parts of Abbots are much nearer to it than some parts of Kings - you will need to look at the map closely when you start looking at properties if you are planning to walk to the station. We were looking in Kings many years ago because of the station and then realised on visiting that we could widen the search to Abbots, which is where we ended up, very happily I may add. Commuted into London from there for several years, then had small children who started school in the village, then moved overseas for a few years and returned to just outside Abbots a few years back. Good luck - PM me if you want any more info.

toucantoucan Mon 27-Jul-15 18:36:02

Iamalwayswrong is, ironically, right about the cafes in Kings....

IVYWILLOW22 Tue 28-Jul-15 07:06:40

Thank you for the above - I have visited both briefly & will continue to explore the areas further

jjobson Wed 16-Nov-16 22:33:45

Hi there,
We are looking into move to Apsley but know nothing about the area.. have been viewing some properts near the snow center but dindt like at all. update since the last post? Viewing a property nearer the Marina.. is the are a bit better? Tks. JJ

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