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Moving to horsham?

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kaisak Sat 25-Jul-15 16:02:47


My and DH live in london at the moment with DS and have been thinking about moving further out from london. We've started looking for houses and quite like horsham but the town is quite unknown to us. We've been to the city center (lovely!), heard about great schools etc but I wanted to know what areas of horsham are nicest? We've looked at a house in Broadridge Heath and a couple more near highlands road but just wanted to know more about the specific areas in horsham.

badgerhead Sun 26-Jul-15 16:52:28

It really depends on if you want a new build or an older house & what your budget is. Will both of you be working, do you need to commute by train or drive? Do you want to be within walking distance of local facilities such as shops, doctors, dentists etc & what about social life for both of you & your son, do you want him to mix with children he will go to school with, (you haven't said how old ds is). Both areas you have looked at are good, but for different reasons, Broadbridge Heath is a village with masses of new building going on, due to have a new expanded primary school next year but you will probably need to drive to access the town centre. Highlands Road area as you saw is older houses which are close to the station & town centre with good local amenities within walking distance.

Other areas which are good to live are the area around North Heath Lane & Holbrook, although not close to town centre do have Littlehaven Station within walking distance & good local amenities & schools as well.

You are welcome to ask anything else.

kaisak Thu 13-Aug-15 12:23:51

I am so sorry badger head! It was so lovely of you to reply and I didn't realise you had replied. I'm so sorry I totally missed your response.

What I wanted to know what are sort of the best areas of horsham and what are the areas to avoid/areas that aren't so nice? It's just that Horsham isn't that familiar with us and there are so many different areas and so many different style of houses etc

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