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Satinwood paint yellowed in 8 weeks?!

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pressanykeytobegin Sat 25-Jul-15 14:56:36

Painted the woodwork in our hall 8 weeks ago. It's completely yellowed now and needs doing against. The wallpaper has white stripes sonits really obvious

Is there a reason its happened so fast?

Lelivre Sat 25-Jul-15 14:59:03

Did you use oil based? Do you have much natural light in this area?

pressanykeytobegin Sat 25-Jul-15 15:08:03

I think it's water based, and lots of natural light. It's the same in the bedroom too though that's been done longer.

Lelivre Sat 25-Jul-15 15:14:14

Ah that's blown my theory then. We had the same, I thought it was because we used oil based and low levels of natural light in those rooms. We were very disappointed too. We have since moved and have been using the dulux trade water based satinwood from the decorator centre - highly recommend it (if you are going to be going over it sad )

PigletJohn Sat 25-Jul-15 15:30:45

Check the tin or receipt to make sure it was not oil-based. It is not usual for water-based paint to go yellow, and even the oil-based have improved over the past 5 years or so.

Are there any smokers in the house, or was the old paint tobacco-stained?

Do you have a coal, wood or multiburner, or an old gasfire? Do you use candles or oil lamps?

wowfudge Sat 25-Jul-15 17:52:45

I recently bought some trade satinwood paint and it was solvent based - not what I was expecting or wanted. I didn't even know oil based satinwood existed! If only I had read the tin.

Lollipopgirl8 Sat 25-Jul-15 18:38:48

How easy was it to clean the brush usually giveaway to oil or waterbased

pressanykeytobegin Sat 25-Jul-15 19:41:40

No it was oil based! Didn't know it existed!

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