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New kitchen freakout

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Gusthetheatrecat Sat 25-Jul-15 11:28:12

Work on my new kitchen starts on Monday and I have some last minute nerves. Please will people who've had new kitchens come and tell me it'll all be ok? I have made so many decisions about things that I am all in a spin worrying about deliveries and whether this shade of handles will go with that shade of cabinets, and whether I chose the right light fittings (I didn't. I took three back yesterday).
Please tell me it will all be ok in the end? My whole house is in disarray as we are replacing our boiler and heating system too, so have to empty the kitchen, utility room and my daughter's room. And we're off on holiday on Monday just after the kitchen fitter arrives, which in some ways is brilliant timing, but in others means we have packing to deal with on top of everything else...!
The night before last I had an anxiety dream about the kitchen sink, for crying out loud.

Lelivre Sat 25-Jul-15 12:23:12

I get it. I've just been through this and it is stressful. If like me you have been managing with something old broken and rubbish for a while you will be so delighted to have a new shiny kitchen. Life is transformed for me; it's so easy to cook and clean in my new space.

As you are away. I would try to have someone pop in and make sure tradesperson is engaging their brain. I found keeping an eye on things was good so everyone knew my expectations. If you have special requirements (where the lights go and how high the drop, where the isolator switches go which side the fridge opens etc) write it down. Don't suppose they will do the obvious and common sense thing!

Belleview Sat 25-Jul-15 12:31:25

I'm excited to get a new kitchen, mine is ancient and not working properly in lots of ways. But I've never planned a kitchen before and am relying heavily on MN which Is full of impressive knowledge. So I really sympathise, OP!

LeLivre is giving good advice, plus the lovely vision of a new space, transforming domestic life positively. ( even if your cupboard handles are a shade too dark, I guess!)

Bostonpj Sat 25-Jul-15 14:27:37

I never expected it to be so stressful that in the 3rd week I was proper yelling at DH because of the mess, chaos and waiting for it all to end confused It has all come together perfectly and I'm now thrilled with everything. The colours worked with the tiles, units, cooker etc but it was the first and most expensive renovation we've done.

It will be fine but expect a bit of a bumpy ride! cake

Lelivre Sat 25-Jul-15 15:01:12

I'm glad I'm not the only one finding it stressful. At one point I was feeling quite ill, I even went to the dr who said, what you need is Valium and I'm not giving it to you, you will like it too much grin

Gusthetheatrecat Sat 25-Jul-15 16:13:37

Thanks all. I know I am so fortunate to be having a new kitchen, so am trying not to get too worked up about it. And anything will be better than our current kitchen (old peeling units, barely any cupboard space, floor that is half tiles that become lethally slippery with even a drop of water and half manky old carpet with food trodden in).
I am just boggled by choice. Totally boggled by all the different options available. And starting to bore myself with how much of a kitchen bore I have become!
Virtual fist bump of new kitchen solidarity. Perhaps we all need Valium?!

Bostonpj Sat 25-Jul-15 16:35:28

I was and still am a kitchen bore! It does take over your life but as I'll never do it again it had to be right. The planning for me was the best bit, so much choice but the one I wanted was there waiting for me and I knew when I saw it, just like buying the house originally. It will all come together and you will hopefully, like us, have your perfect kitchen space. No more odd cupboards, weirdly placed cooker or awkward spaces grin no Valium required but maybe stock up on a couple of extra bottles of wine!

Rafflesway Sat 25-Jul-15 16:48:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rafflesway Sat 25-Jul-15 16:49:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cathpip Sat 25-Jul-15 17:06:32

I have just had mine done, the builders finished fitting it on Thursday smile, yes stressful but I am also heavily pregnant. It is by far my favourite room in the house I could sit in it for hours admiring it (have never had a new kitchen before) I agree with drawing a plan of your new kitchen and marking on there where you would like plug sockets and if you would like them high or low. Luckily my builders had common sense and were good with what was a necessity and what looked aesthetically pleasing!

MrsJamin Sat 25-Jul-15 18:44:35

Ours is half in. We've been without one since the end of May as it's part of an extension with walls coming down etc. I totally understand your stress, I keep getting worried that we haven't got the storage space right and we won't find a place for everything! We've got a totally different space and configuration so it was difficult to plan. I love the materials that are in so far though, the new oven, gorgeous iroko worktops which I need to oil again tonight. I will be so pleased when it's all over!

Gusthetheatrecat Sun 26-Jul-15 23:45:22

Thanks again! I am very reassured. Tomorrow is kitchen day and we are basically there: temporary kitchen set up in sitting room, kitchen almost empty, and even packed for our holiday!
I have printed out the kitchen plan for our fitter and electrician, and had lots of fun drawing on plug sockets. I know MN wisdom dictates that you can never have too many, but I am very slightly worried we may be testing this somewhat blush... Hoping to fill the room with fairy lights at Christmas but even that won't use up all the sockets we are planning...!
And thanks for advice re supervising. The fitter is a lovely carpenter we have used before, with v good judgement, plus I have a detailed plan, so I feel v confident that whatever comes up unexpectedly, he will deal with. I think next week whilst we're away will be mostly ripping out, installing the extractor etc. Argh I can't believe this is all really happening after so many years of dicking around on Pinterest careful planning!

OnePlanOnHouzz Mon 27-Jul-15 06:34:20

Yay ! Today's the day !!! smile
It will all be fine !!!
Enjoy the experience !!! And your holiday !!!

Bostonpj Mon 27-Jul-15 12:36:00

Looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen! Enjoy your holiday. Wish we'd done that, instead I went to work and waited for DH to send photographic updates as the work went on. An escape from the dust and when you get back it'll be almost finished wink

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