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installing a lighted mirror

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RunAwayHome Thu 23-Jul-15 21:59:36

I am hoping to buy a leasehold flat soon. It's on the ground floor, and I'd have no way of accessing anything via any other properties.

One thing it doesn't have is a proper mirror above the sink in the bathroom, let alone one with lights (there's a small cabinet with a bit of mirrored front, but not in a very useful place and I was kind of hoping to replace that anyway).

But I have idea if I could get one of those installed, with mains electricity for the lights. (I've not read great reviews about the battery powered ones, not always bright enough or at the right angle for makeup, etc). There is (I think) a central ceiling light fixture, so is there some way that an electrician could get the wires from there over to above the sink, without needing to access the ceiling from a loft or upstairs property? (Not to mention, above the sink is a tiled area, possibly making it harder). (I know nothing about DIY or electricians!).

Who would I get in to do such a thing - also hanging the mirror - an electrician or a bathroom specialist of some sort? Would they need to cut into the ceiling, or just do it from the fixture that is already there? Need to be able to fix the mirror and lights through tile - does that take anything special? And is it likely that that sort of work would require freeholder's permission? It's not exactly structural, I don't think.

Otherwise, any recommendations for either battery powered mirror lights, or some kind of adjusting spotlight that I could replace the centre fixture with, that would still work for above the mirror without causing loads of shadows?

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