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Help please Piglet John

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butmumineedit Thu 23-Jul-15 21:04:29

Have an electric shower which was working fine this morning, just gone to use it tonight and it keeps tripping the RCD fuse? Does this mean I need a
New shower and if so will I need an electrician or a plumber to fit one , many thanks grin

PigletJohn Thu 23-Jul-15 23:26:20

Quite likely there is a water leak inside the shower box and the damp is causing the electrical fault. Unless very expensive, or there is a careless fitting mistake, it is not usually worth repairing them or fitting new parts so budget for a new one. The same make and model will be easiest as all the pipes, cables and screws will be in the same place.

Look for an electrician who is a member of a Competent Person Scheme (preferably not just a Domestic Installer, which is the lower grade) on one of the schemes such as NICEIC. Electricians are mostly used to changing electric showers even though pipes and water are involved. He will also be able to test and diagnose the fault, which could be dangerous and might or might not be what I have guessed.

butmumineedit Fri 24-Jul-15 06:35:46

Many thanks, will be making a few calls today then smile

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