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Wooden floorboards and steam cleaner

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SpecialHandsMummy Wed 22-Jul-15 21:56:20

We've just had some of our wooden floorboards sanded and sealed. Do you know if it is okay to use a steam cleaner on them? They've been sealed with a water-based seal if that makes any difference. Any advice/experience welcome!

AnulTheMagnificent Thu 23-Jul-15 02:20:40

I looked at doing this and Googled it, the general opinion was not to do it as it can warp the floorboards.

Unless they are very dirty you should be able to clean them with an ordinary damp mop. I have a spray of cleaner for wood and laminate, a quick spray and a wipe over with a damp cloth/mop gets the grime off. I have to vac. as there are gaps in ours and they seem to store dust, so do that first.

SpecialHandsMummy Thu 23-Jul-15 22:43:21

Thanks Magnificent

PigletJohn Thu 23-Jul-15 23:12:28

is a "seal" like a varnish?

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