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Does anyone know Whitefield, Manchester?

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mykidsmyworld Wed 22-Jul-15 19:13:05

There are loads of talk about south Manchester and I researched a lot too and found out a lot about south Manchester. However, Whitefield/Prestwich a little less to read about apart from that it is pretty.
I would like get an insight into Whitefield, north of Manchester. What are Schools like, both primary and secondary, availability of things for kids to do, sports, swimming and music lessons? Where to avoid and if you live there do you like living there?
We are relocating to Manchester, South of it sounds so amazing (especially Trafford with the great schools) but our budget isn't so amazing at the moment. Thank you and I do appreciate all input.

wowfudge Wed 22-Jul-15 19:16:44

I'm a Mancunian - don't know Whitefield particularly, but parts of it are very nice. There are good schools from what I understand too. The metro link line to Bury also serves Whitefield.

mykidsmyworld Wed 22-Jul-15 19:26:26

Thanks wowfudge.

Hopefully someone who knows the area will come along.

RCheshire Wed 22-Jul-15 19:48:21

Slattery. Nothing more needs to be said smile

wowfudge Wed 22-Jul-15 21:32:57

Ooh yes. Bumping this for you OP.

NotGoingOut17 Thu 23-Jul-15 01:09:38

I don't know Whitefield that well but have been on some lunch dates there - as well as Slatterys there is also a lovely Italian deli/cafe, Roma that I like going to. I can't comment on the schools but in terms of things for kids, Whitefield has Heaton Park nearby (actually in Prestwich) apart from being a huge park ( I think the largest municipal one in Europe) there is often events there - it has a nice cafe and animal centre in there too. Lots of families about at the weekends etc.

mykidsmyworld Thu 23-Jul-15 06:40:28

Aahhh RCheshire that would be enough reason to move right? smile.
wowfudge thanks. You contributed to a thread on south Manchester…if only budget would allow it...
Thank you NotGoingOut17

wowfudge Thu 23-Jul-15 08:53:26

I wouldn't buy in south Manchester tbh - disproportionately expensive for what you get.

mykidsmyworld Thu 23-Jul-15 09:17:25

Where would you buy wowfudge? That is easy access to the city and with good schools?

mandy214 Thu 23-Jul-15 09:18:12

Parts of Whitefield are very nice - its like everywhere else, good bits and bad bits. Slatterys is amazing (now reminiscing about my wedding cake from there smile) but am guessing you might want to base your decision on more than a cake shop (as gorgeous as it is wink!).

Its on the tram line, good transport links. I don't know anything about schools - sorry. Its certainly not known (by reputation) as anything in particular - so not "studenty" or "young professional" etc - I think its a generally good residential area with a mixed bag of residential groups.

I've lived in North Manchester and now in South Manchester. It depends what your priorities are. Ours were education, and you simply cannot beat the offerings you have in Trafford - but as Wowfudge says, you pay a hefty and then some premium for that. For us, that was a premium worth paying, but everyone is different. However there are places that come under Trafford that are less expensive (Stretford, Urmston, Sale). Worth a look.

wowfudge Thu 23-Jul-15 09:43:42

We're in Stockport - practically every train to Manchester stops there so it is very easy to get into the city centre; takes 10 minutes. There are some really nice areas, but you would need to look at the Ofsted info on schools.

Stockport itself will not wow you, but some of the suburbs have quite a bit to offer and it is very conveniently located for the motorway network. We're 15 minutes from the Trafford Centre for shopping with free parking, you can get to the M6 without having to negotiate the crush over Thelwall Viaduct, etc.

mykidsmyworld Thu 23-Jul-15 10:19:22

Hi mandy214, nothing beats a good education. I have looked at Stretford, Urmston and Sale. I really like Urmston a lot.

wowfudge, Stockport is huge! That discouraged me because I didn't know where to start or where to eliminate. With South Manc and North it is kind of easy to exclude an area. Do I make sense?

mandy214 Thu 23-Jul-15 10:59:39

mykids I grew up (and went to school) in Urmston so feel free to pm me if you want any information.

Icanonlytry Thu 23-Jul-15 11:02:16


Icanonlytry Thu 23-Jul-15 11:12:19

Sorry didn't mean to post. We live in Whitefield and are very happy here. Close to lots of shops bury, Manchester, Trafford centre. Local swimming pools, gyms, cafés, restaurants, supermarkets. Lots of good primary and secondary schools and colleges.
A mix of areas some nicer than others but nothing too bad.
Lots of parks, toddler groups.
If there is anything else you would like to ask feel free smile

Sundaysmumisfullofwine Thu 23-Jul-15 20:40:28

I live in prestwich and love it here but whitefield does have some good parts, decent restaurants, slatterys and good links to Bury and Manchester. Prestwich seems to have a bit more of a community feel but there's nothing wrong with Whitefield.

Lagoonablue Thu 23-Jul-15 21:22:25

Urmston or Flixton on Trafford. Great schools, close to the motorway, train 10 mins to the city. Lots of parks and green space.

What is your budget? 3 bed semi in Urmston from £230 upwards for a decent one. Detached around £330. Lots of 30s style or big Edwardian.

We love it here.

mykidsmyworld Thu 23-Jul-15 22:09:27

Thank you mandy214.

Icanonlytry I almost concluded no one lives in Whitefield or Prestwich smile. What is the commute to Manchester peak time/off peak time? Do you think there are areas I should stick to while looking for property? What is the Secondary like? I have 3 dds that will be learning English as a second language (they understand English though but speak little of it), I am worried while in the South of Manc due to the mix of some places structure is already in place for such kids but maybe a little less so in Whitefield?
What is Park Lane like? Can i pm you with some links, maybe you know the streets? Thanks for your input.

Sundaysmumisfullofwine Prestwich is pretty and leafy and I have seen some amazing properties that I drool over aahhh. But it appears that for catchment of some good secondaries you have to be in Whitefiled. I probably am wrong. I am totally relying on school catchment on rightmove.

mykidsmyworld Thu 23-Jul-15 22:13:18

Lagoonablue, they do indeed have great schools! I think Flixton is a little bit further in. We are renting until we get the feel of Manchester smile.

lollipoppi Thu 23-Jul-15 22:40:15

Wowfudge a little wave from another stockport MNer smile

Stockport really isn't that huge, like wow said there there are unlimited access routes into manchester / Trafford

I've not any experience of Whitefield but can recommend areas around the stockport area if your interested

TheEndOfTheWorldAsIKnowIt Thu 23-Jul-15 22:56:28

The park lane area is lovely smile a really big area of houses, quite a large Jewish community but friendly people from all backgrounds. There is a large park at the bottom of park lane which is lovely, pubs, shop, take away. There is also an estate off sergeants lane (just behind park lane) that is lovely too. There are quite a few secondary schools locally, my eldest is doing very well at our local secondary school.
I don't commute into Manchester but from Whitefield to city centre takes about 25 minutes on the tram.

TheEndOfTheWorldAsIKnowIt Thu 23-Jul-15 22:57:39

Sorry forgot I'd name changed earlier (icanonlytry)

Sundaysmumisfullofwine Fri 24-Jul-15 21:16:08

Which secondaries are you looking at? To be honest Bury is pretty well served for high schools in general.

mykidsmyworld Wed 05-Aug-15 08:13:13

Thank you all for your response. Sorry we have been away for a while and without internet so just coming back on MN.

Sundaysmumisfullofwine St Monicas and Phillips?

Sundaysmumisfullofwine Thu 06-Aug-15 12:59:09

St Monica's is in prestwich so catchment is fine. Whitefield would be better as a catchment for Phillips. A lot of kids in prestwich go to parrenthorn which is also a very good school. prestwich arts has a probably unfair reputation but is making improvements - a lot of kids travel in from Manchester to go there (although this may be more of a comment on the quality of high school in North Manchester than a testament to prestwich arts.

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