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Covenants - are these all now listed in the title register document?

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dollybird Wed 22-Jul-15 12:27:22

We are thinking of having a loft conversion and wanted to check there were no restrictions in our deeds (there were many objections from neighbouring properties when our estate was built, and the builders had to adjust their original plans and build less houses/further from boundaries etc. Plus we have noticed that no-one else in the estate of over 100 houses appears to have had a loft conversion in the 15+ years that the houses have been built). As we only bought the house 3 years ago, we did not receive the title deeds, only a title register as evidence of our ownership of the house. This document mentions covenants re light and air, and something about minerals underground, but nothing else. Does this mean there aren't any restrictions, and we should be able to convert the loft within permitted development?

Seeline Wed 22-Jul-15 12:30:15

There may have been planning restrictions imposed on the original permission for the estate, which I don't think would show on your deeds anyway. Councils are able to impose conditions to remove/restrict permitted development rights. Contact the Council for advice as that may be why no-one else has done it. It means that you would have to apply for planning permission for the work of pd rights have been removed.

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